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There is NO Virus!

There is NO Virus!

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We are living at a time unlike any other in all of world history. We are living at the end. The alleged Covid-19 global pandemic has had a profound and significant impact on most people's lives that will never return to the way they were before. Few people properly understand what's going on, where it is headed and ultimately why. This book is written for a select group of people who are of the truth who are struggling to make sense out of it all and to offer perspective, solace and hope to those select few.


The author, a watchman on the wall in these final days of the end times of Bible prophecy, is an accomplished scholar, brilliant strategic thinker, bold warrior and wise sage who has seen what was coming (and is now here) for the last decade and has written five previous books on different aspects of a world that is in turmoil, confusion and is deeply deceived about virtually everything. This is all quite intentional. Simply put, we live in a world ruled by monstrous lies and by demon-possessed billionaire psychopaths and pathological liars who will never cop to any of their endless crimes against humanity. Covid-19 was their ultimate lie and play to remake global society into their Great Reset New World Order from hell.


Now their entire fraud is unraveling before our very eyes. The big question for all of us ought to be, How does this story end and can it possibly end well, at least for most people? The author contends that the Bible offers us the answers to these vitally important questions, but that only God's true, born-again elect, guided by God's Holy Spirit living in and through them can properly comprehend what it says and means. Lionheart is one of those elect and a messenger (prophet) of Yahuwah (God) who proves here, rather conclusively, that we are living on the edge of the precipice of eternity talked about in the Bible for thousands of years. Nothing else begins to fully and comprehensively explain the insanity posing as the Covid-19 psychological manipulation being perpetrated upon us by so many wicked fools and liars.


When you strip away the pretense of a global pandemic and discover through the scientific method and sound logic that there is no virus at all, the real agenda of the the ruling billionaire class becomes crystal clear: Covid-19 was a ruse to induce billions of confused and willfully ignorant people to unknowingly commit suicide by submitting to a jab, posing as a vaccine to a disease that does not even exist, that is in fact a deadly poison. This book proves it and makes sense out of this global horror in the broader context of Yahuwah's (God's) ultimate plan for humanity.


204 pages.

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