The Great Con: Solving the Mystery of Trump and Q Anon

The Great Con: Solving the Mystery of Trump and Q Anon

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On October 28, 2017 a mysterious person or group of people began posting messages on the internet that opened with a claim that Hillary Clinton's arrest was imminent. While that event does not appear to have occurred, over the course of the next three years, this mysterious group of posters, identifying themselves as Q or Q Anon, created a worldwide movement and following of autists or anons who sought to make sense out of a string of clues left for the movement to make sense out of and share between themselves, ostensibly aimed at awakening the public to the workings of the deep state establishment which rules our world today by covert means.


To date, Q Anon has posted just under 5,000 posts to their message board(s). Very early on Q claimed that they were working working closely with former President Donald Trump to drain the swamp and bring down the deep state. But at no time did President Trump overtly acknowledge any connection between himself and Q, although many followers of Q and book authors have gone to great lengths to point out the clues that they claim prove that Trump and Q were in the process of exposing and defeating the deep state.


In early 2021, Q Anon is a subject of extensive social media censorship and silencing. This book, authored by David Lionheart, an expert on the realities of the Illuminati, the global elite conspiracy and its many obvious links to the recent fulffillment of end times Bible prophecy, and author of four previous books on these subjects, takes on the mystery of Trump and Q Anon, revealing the clues and proving why Trump and Q Anon had to have been part of an elaborate and sophisticated con job and psyop aimed at deceiving American patriots, conservatives and evangelicals, who were wrongly convinced that Donald Trump and a team of military intelligence operatives were working behind the scenes to save a crumbling American empire at the eleventh hour.


110 pages.