Reflections of a Watchman on the Wall in the Final Days of the End Times

Reflections of a Watchman on the Wall in the Final Days of the End Times

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This is the third and final book of the three-book Final Days of the End Times series authored by David Lionheart providing us with the evidence and teaching us that we are living in the very last days of the end times foretold in Bible prophecy for thousands of years.


Yahushua (Christ) returns very soon to gather the elect to Himself in perfect fulfillment of the prophecy of Matthew 24:30-31 and elsewhere. After revealing the extensive evidence that the global conspiracy is very real and rooted in the worship of Satan and connecting the dots to the fulfillment of end times Bible prophecy in his first book, and after authoring his second book on the little-understood subject of spiritual warfare, Lionheart has authored this collection of remarkably insightful and thought-provoking essays and thought pieces on various aspects of our world, nation, culture and human civilization which are in the midst of perishing.


Most newspaper and magazine articles today are little more than con jobs and propaganda pieces orchestrated by the "jewish" global elites to deceive the public. Seldom do we encounter thought-provoking essays which challenge our thinking and leave us better for having read them. The articles and thought-pieces contained here do just that. They are designed to stand back and look at developments in our world and nation today that are commonly accepted by most people and to challenge readers' critical thinking. Because almost everything we believe to be common sense and wisdom is neither.


The ideas contained here are not for everyone and often are very controversial. Those not yet familiar with David Lionheart's prior works would do well to read his first book, Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad, first. As with his prior two books, this book is only targeted at and addressed to those who number among God's elect: those who manifest a profound love for the truth and sacrificial love for the needs of their fellow man ahead of their own immediate wants and comforts.


245 pages.