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Why Nuclear War and Armageddon is Now all but Certain

In several of my past articles, I have asserted the theme of this article indicated in its title, but I have for the most part not gone so far as to explain why I have arrived at this unfortunate conclusion. The purpose of this article is to remedy that defect to help readers think more strategically and clearly about events to come that are all but inevitable.

I have been monitoring several commentators' and military analysts' reports on the alt-media for the last six weeks or so who are reporting on events on the ground in the Ukraine-Russia war on a daily basis. My purpose in doing so is to assess, once again, where we are in YHWH's (God's) prophetic biblical timeline. To summarize the big picture first, over the last decade, we have witnessed the following eleven end times Bible prophecies having been fulfilled perfectly:

  1. Matthew 24:15-16 and 21

  2. 2 Thessalonians 2:3

  3. Matthew 10:26-28

  4. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

  5. 2 Timothy 3:1-7

  6. 2 Timothy 4:3-4

  7. 2 Peter 3:3-7

  8. Daniel 12:10

  9. Daniel 12:6-7 and 12:11

  10. Daniel 12:12 and Revelation 19:9

  11. Matthew 24:29 and Revelation 6:12-14

I fully explain all eleven of these fulfilled prophecies in YHWH's and my books, Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad, Appendix G, and in Reflections of a Watchman on the Wall in the Final Days of the End Times, Chapter 6. I won't endeavor to repeat those explanations here for purposes of brevity. But they are important for you to go find, read and study on your own.

All Bible prophecies, when fulfilled, are always fulfilled perfectly. Furthermore, when we witness Bible prophecies being fulfilled, it is a very big deal. It is revealing to us the brilliance and power of almighty YHWH (God), whose understanding, power and control is infinite. No man, who is one of His creation, can ever come close to comprehending fully what YHWH is up to at any given moment. But He does leave us important clues for a few of us, His kings and His elect, to find and figure out every time before YHWH pours His wrath and fury out upon the wicked of this perishing earth. At no time is this more true in all of world history than it is today. This is because these are quite obviously the final days of the end times of Bible prophecy. In short, the end of this story (His Story or history) is just around the corner.

Over the past month, those of us who have been tracking events in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the United States have observed several things:

  1. Ukraine's armed forces are being steadily ground down and depleted by the materially larger and better equipped Russian military in battles around towns in the Donetsk Peoples Republic in what was formerly eastern Ukraine, which Russia has now annexed as part of the Russian Federation. Currently, battles are raging in and around the towns of Bakhmut and Vuhledar, and the Russians appear to be making progress in encircling both towns as of this writing.

  2. Over the course of the last eleven months of the war, Ukraine has experienced losses of 122,000 soldiers killed and another 35,000 are missing in action and presumed dead. Another 300,000 or so have been wounded, according to Colonel Douglas MacGregor. In contrast, Russia has lost somewhere between 16,000 and 25,000 soldiers and perhaps another 80,000 have been wounded, according to this same source. Furthermore, Ukraine has lost a large volume of tanks, armored personnel carriers, and M-777 howitzers and 155 mm artillery shells used by the M-777 howitzers to Russian artillery fire. The Russians are firing on the order of 20,000 artillery rounds per day, and perhaps up to three times that, at Ukrainian positions and the Ukrainians, running low on ammunition are firing anywhere from a low of 1,000 rounds to 6,000 rounds per day at Russian positions. While western media has been lying like hell and reporting that Russia is on the verge of collapse, and that Ukraine has Russia on its heels, it appears that nothing could be further from the truth. NATO economic sanctions are knowingly and intentionally (my own commentary) hurting European nations far more than they are affecting Russia's economic capacity to wage a conventional large scale war. I believe this was fully planned this way by those in the know.

  3. Military and political observers, including Douglas MacGregor, Scott Ritter and Alexander Mercouris, are consistently reporting that the situation on the ground looks dire for Ukraine and that Russia has amassed as many as 550,00 to 700,00 troops on Ukraine's borders in anticipation of a winter or perhaps a spring offensive that could overwhelm and destroy what's left of Ukraine's army.

  4. In response to this ever-worsening reality on the ground, NATO countries of Germany, UK, US, France and Poland have, in the last two weeks, committed to supply a token amount of tanks, armored personnel carriers, ammunition and other equipment. Supplying tanks to Ukraine is an escalation in NATO collusion with Ukraine that could draw NATO countries into a direct confrontation with Russia. This doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, and they fully know it.

  5. Recently, a 34 page report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is reporting to their Pentagon clients that America lacks the industrial capacity to match the Russians' seemingly unlimited ability to manufacture ammunition for their artillery equipment. This could not be any accident. This had to have been orchestrated by traitors within our own government and military for quite some time in order to orchestrate the escalation dance leading inevitably to nuclear Armageddon. Competent managers and commanders never would allow the US to recklessly deplete their stocks of any necessary military gear by giving it without thinking to the corrupt Ukrainians. So it's all being deliberately orchestrated this way, folks.

  6. What good is a token amount of provocative new military equipment supplied to a losing Ukraine by NATO countries going to accomplish? Little that is good, is the short answer.

  7. Just recently, Alexander Mercouris has pointed out that armored equipment is a sitting duck and largely defenseless against an enemy (Russia) who possesses materially superior air power, as Russia has demonstrated repeatedly on the battlefield. So now talks are underway in the US to escalate tensions still further by supplying F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. Allegedly, Ukrainians pilots are already in the US being trained on how to operate F-16 fighter jets although reports I get indicate that it takes a full year for a F-16 fighter jet pilot to become proficient with such equipment. So Russia will probably shoot them down. No one is addressing publicly where such jets might be stationed. If in Ukraine, any such airfields are sitting ducks for Russian artillery. If in Poland or other NATO countries, that too is yet another escalatory provocation by NATO and they know it.

  8. Some clear-headed analysts in the alt-media are now asking, at what point does NATO cross a Russian red line in the sand which Russia will no longer tolerate? Anyone with any experience dealing with demon-possessed psychopaths and terrorists, which is what the West's leaders are, knows that the psychos will keep doubling down on their duplicitous and provocative acts until or unless they are stopped with physically overwhelming force. Both Russian and US nuclear forces are almost certainly on high alert already, although both American and Russian authorities never announce such matters publicly, to keep the public clueless and pacified.

  9. Thus, we are one step away from a false alarm of a nuclear attack from the other side, or a false flag attack with a dirty bomb or other nuclear device, to set off a nuclear World War III, which is precisely what the demon-possessed fake Jewish psychopaths who control our world are eager to instigate, on behalf of their god, Lucifer.

What exactly does nuclear war entail? Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) addresses that very issue in his latest post today: (Video: Why Nuclear War is Planetary Death. Steven Starr Explains)

Embedded in this article is the following video that explains what a nuclear weapon does and what a nuclear war is: (Nuclear War is the Ultimate Crime Against Humanity)

PCR rightly concludes his article with the following observation:

"It is insanity for the neoconservatives to believe that the US can exercise hegemony over Russia and China.

If we want to survive, we must immediately stop being insane."

However, those who are strongly deluded, and thus insane, are incapable of thinking rightly. Consequently, PCR's conclusion is inane and sheer folly. Surely PCR knows this. Those who are insane are not driven by any form of wise thinking and statesmanship. They are, after all, out of their minds. We must come to grips with this harsh reality.

In light of the objective reality that we are being driven to the brink of nuclear war by demon-possessed fake Jewish psychopaths who serve Lucifer, the father of lies and the destroyer, what are the odds of PCR's conclusion ever happening? We all know the answer: slim and none. We haven't even properly defined the enemy we are waging war against or what battlefield we are really on. No military general can ever defeat an enemy he cannot even identify on a battlefield he does not understand. Yhis is the conundrum we now find ourselves facing and YHWH has deliberately set it up this way for His greater purposes.

So now what? I have had to contend with demon-possessed psychopaths all my life. Thus, I know how they operate. They cannot and will not be reasoned with. This is especially true if they are backed into a corner, as they are being directed by YHWH right now. They will never admit or concede defeat, once they hold any real power. They will take the world down with them in a ball of a nuclear holocaust, before they will ever allow that to happen. So we can count on the fact that when Russia defeats Ukraine on the battlefield, as they inevitably will (YHWH will see to that), the US neocons, such as fake Jewish Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland will do everything in their powers to double down on their stupidity and dare Russia to respond to their increasingly provocative acts. Ultimately, this is not war hawks Blinken, Nuland and other fake Jewish madmen driving humanity to the brink of its own annihilation and extinction. It is God.

I don't know all the details of how this story will play itself out in the coming weeks and months, nor does anyone else, because none of us are privy to God's sovereign and predestinated plan down to that level of granularity. But at least a few of us are capable of figuring out the big picture and realizing that if there is no God (YHWH), or if we cannot fully trust fully Him in all things, we all are screwed. I am betting otherwise.

Don't take my word for any of this. Just watch events unfold over the next few weeks and months and compare it to this roadmap and show me where my thinking is in error. I'm betting that you will find it remarkably accurate, because YHWH inspires my every thought as His end times prophet.

My counsel to you is this: focus on the Vital Few things that matter; ignore the Trivial Many which do not. We're down to the final moves on the chessboard before all this nonsense comes to its inevitable and predestinated end. For those of us with the spiritual eyes to see these sorts of things, it's painfully obvious. For everyone else, it's not.

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