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When it Comes to Atrocities in Bucha, Ukraine, I Smell a Rat and You Should too

The evidence coming in from Bucha, Ukraine, just doesn't add up to support the false narrative that the Western media is universally telling of alleged Russian civilian atrocities prior to the Russian military's departure from Bucha, near Kiev. We are being given a lesson of how the Western media has always operated: as the lying thieves they have always been. Nothing they report can be trusted. Nothing. Here's an interesting analysis by Tom Luongo of recent events in Bucha with which I have to agree: (Ukraine’s False Flag Civilian Massacre Operation in Bucha Laid Bare by Tom Luongo, April 6, 2022)

Here is what it appears is really going on. Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, just won his fourth term (since 2010) as Prime Minister and he and his country do not appear to be supporting EU moves to sanction Russia. France is facing a Presidential election on Sunday, April 10 between globalist Emmanuel Macron and French nationalist Marine Le Pen. Democracy everywhere is a sham. All elections are always seriously rigged. But stand back and look at the landscape from 10,000 feet and it appears that the EU is in a state of deliberate collapse, setting the stage for the next move of the Great Reset, which is the World Economic Forum's term for the imposition of its vision for the Orwellian New World Order global surveillance police state from hell.

Meanwhile, in America, Joe Biden wanders around the White House appearing to be totally emasculated as Barack Obama pays a visit. Have you seen a video clip of that? You can find it at: (Tucker Carlson clip of Joe Biden at the White House recently - You have never seen anything like it, April 6, 2022)

It's downright embarrassing. So it appears that we are witnessing the beginning of regime change in America too. Who will the corrupt puppet politicians attempt to force on us in lieu of old Creepy Joe at such a dangerous time in all of world history? More importantly, just what is God up to here? Because He is the one driving this entire shit show, to expose all the corrupt criminals for precisely who and what they have always been: liars, thieves and deviant pedophile perverts who serve the devil, the father of lies and the destroyer. It is now all out in the open for all to see. You have to be profoundly stupid or dishonest not to be able to see it now. God is more fully fulfilling the prophecy of Matthew 10:26 right now:

"And fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known."

Does the current world turmoil stand a chance of being turned around by the acts of man? Not a chance. And that's the point of it all. God is delivering a strong blow to the head to everyone of what the ramifications are of ignoring and disobeying Him: total desolation and destruction. The Bible is crystal clear on this. But almost no one is listening or heeding His many very clear warnings. These are as the days of Noah: everyone is doing that which seems right in their own eyes and they all are dead wrong, apart from Him. I'd say that Yahushua the Messiah's second coming and the Last Day of the world is fast approaching. What am I missing? Not a damn thing.

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