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We are Living in a Slow Motion Train Wreck of God's Deliberate Design

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

I don't know about you, but my life has been anything but peaceful, serene and calm recently. And since I know that every thought, person and circumstance that occurs in my life is being orchestrated by a God I cannot see, I can confidently conclude that this is no accident or quirk of fate. I go searching for answers, explanations and clarity whenever I find myself in such an uncomfortable position. Today is one of those days and today is yielding some answers for me that I wish to share with you, my faithful followers and readers. I truly hope it blesses you and calms your troubled hearts as it is blessing and calming me.

This morning I encountered (correction: God led me to) the following article:

I strongly encourage all of my readers to invest the time to view and read it. In it, the author, Gary D. Barnett, nails it: the global elite conspiracy that rules the world and this nation is engaging in relentless psychological, biological, economic, political and social domestic terrorism in every sphere of human endeavor today. He concludes his analysis and article with the following:

"This threat of annihilation is real, it is happening, and only you can stop it. Each of us as individuals has to take part in dismantling this evil that has consumed this country and the world. If we do not do so, hell on earth will be the result, and the fate of your children and grandchildren will be in the hands of these human traffickers and controlling devils bent on world domination."

I don't agree with his statement that only you can stop it, although the threat of human annihilation is very real. So what IS the answer? Is there any?!? Or is it all hopeless and warranting our complete despair?

All I see in the alternative news media in response to accurate analyses like this one are calls to stand up in unity and throw the rascals out. It's always all about US and what WE can and must do, when in truth it has always been all about trusting God to keep His promises to a few of us and to bring this slow motion train wreck to a conclusive end as and when He and He alone sees fit to do so. Nobody has the power to overcome the pervasive evil that has taken over our world today, apart from God. To believe otherwise, is a form of strong delusion, folly and insanity. The conventional secular wisdom of today entirely mis-diagnoses the root cause of mankind's problems we are witnessing in spades today. By this, I mean that almost all of mankind has lost its way and gone insane in these final days of these end times of Bible prophecy, because God has predestinated and is orchestrating everything this way for a greater purpose, that only a few of us are capable of discerning and making sense out of.

First, let's face the hard facts head on:

  1. Covid has been proven to be a massive sham and fraud that was skillfully used by many evil people to induce many willfully ignorant and unthinking people to voluntarily commit suicide with a built-in delay to provide the perpetrators with the excuse of plausible deniability, in the form of the bioweapon death jabs. Millions of people have died from these bioweapons so far and many more will drop dead of unexplained causes (attributable to the death jabs) in the months ahead.

  2. Most people have an unbridled hatred for God and for His inspired and infallible word, the KJV Bible. This is because God deliberately created them this way to set up the chess pieces for the slow motion train wreck He is now orchestrating that is proving the utter depravity of all of mankind, apart from God. The lies, the excuses and the pretending are endless in a vain attempt to deny the obvious reality of a God who chooses to remain invisible to all of us, but whose influences in each of are lives are completely undeniable and in all of our faces right now.

  3. The United States government set up the conditions that forced the hand of Russia to launch its Special Military Operation into the Donbass region of the Ukraine on February 24 of this year. The plan all along was to freeze and starve to death hundreds of millions of white Europeans this winter and continuing into next year by forcing them to support extensive economic sanctions against Russia which would inevitably and clearly backfire and hurt Europeans far more than it would hurt Russians. Any clearly thinking person is capable of figuring out this obvious ploy of the oligarchs controlling the actions of the United States government and its demonic military-industrial complex. Within about three weeks, the ground in the Ukraine will be frozen for the winter and Russia can, and likely will, embark on its next and final phase of taking over the rest of what remains of the Ukraine proxy for United States aggression against a nuclear-powered Russia. The threats of this totally unnecessary conflict erupting into a nuclear World War III directly between the United States and Russia (and perhaps China) are very real. Only a wicked and blind fool would even venture to contemplate such a folly that defines American foreign policy today. But this is what we are witnessing every day.

  4. The blowback effects of the Ukraine-Russia conflict worldwide have manifested in supply chain disruptions, and energy, fertilizer and food shortages, all of which are designed to impoverish, freeze and starve to death countless millions of human beings in the next year or two, especially in white-dominated Europe. All of this was eminently foreseeable to those orchestrating the forces that have led to these results. Therefore, any thinking person must conclude that they were planned and deliberate outcomes, rather than merely acts of supreme stupidity and incompetence, which they are generally blamed on. Don't buy any of those blatant lies.

  5. The FTX exchange bankruptcy eight days ago is already revealing profound and brazen criminality on the part of its young and foolish Khazarian founder that reaches into American foreign aid to the Ukraine, which laundered the money into bitcoin and other crypto currency, which was then funneled to the demonic and totally corrupt DemonRat party and their ally RINOs in the United States, that was used to openly steal countless contests in the corrupt and rigged theater posing as the 2022 mid-term election some eleven days ago. I'm sure we have yet to see just how dark, twisted and evil this whole FTX Ponzi scheme will prove to be in the end.

  6. Anyone with half a brain who knows anything about economics and the capital markets and with any kind of memory of the dot com bubble market crash of 2001 and the sub-prime real estate market collapse of 2008 has to know that all the world's financial markets are now poised for a collapse of biblical proportions that will likely be unprecedented in all of world history. The fact that they have not already collapsed can only be explained by an act of God's supreme mercy and grace. Under any set of conditions prior to now, our global financial markets should have been in shambles years ago and anyone with a lick of common sense knows this.

  7. The godless monsters controlling our world are actively promoting every form of deviant sexuality, transgenderism, sex trafficking and pedophilia openly in public now and anyone who dares to stand up and speak out against it is targeted for domestic terrorism by our own DOJ, FBI and their Lying Legacy Media (LLM) mouthpiece.

None of these are any great secret, but almost everyone is lying about every one of these forces that have converged and are threatening to explode in a collision of unfathomable terror and destruction. Anyone who has not yet concluded, as I have, that these are the undeniable signs of the final days of the end times of Bible prophecy is a damned and wicked fool and nothing more. There is no nice or diplomatic way to express this simple truth. Moreover, I will not be silenced by the devil, the father of lies, and his many minions. They are pathetic and cowardly losers who are now fully exposed for all the world to see. You can deny it all you like, but it just proves you the fool and changes nothing.

"Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known." Matthew 10:26

This prophecy has to be fulfilled in full before the second coming of Yahushua the Messiah can occur. It's hard for me to imagine that there is much more that remains concealed and hidden that has not yet been revealed and exposed. But this is what we are witnessing today and explains why it seems that we are witnessing and living through a slow motion train wreck right now; because we are. Make no mistake about it.

Next, God led me to the following video interview: (US DoD Plan to Exterminate American Populace)

It's well worth investing the time to listen to and watch the entire video interview. It reveals how twisted and evil our entire DoD military-industrial complex (MIC), the cult of death, has always been. After viewing it, if you are not filled with a rage and fury over the profound evil that has gripped and defined our nation today, you deserve eternal torment in the burning lake of fire that soon awaits you.

Again, not one whit of any of this has not been orchestrated by YHWH, the all-knowing, all-powerful God who created all things out of nothing merely by His spoken word. I don't give a rip if you refuse to accept or believe it. I've heard all the vain words of wicked fools who are at enmity with God and all He stands for (including my entire family) and I've had quite enough and I am angry as hell at the pervasive evil and unending lies I witness every day that don't seem to put even a ripple in most people's twisted and dark hearts. I fully understand why: these people are spiritually dead. Doing that which is right and treating others the way they wish to be treated, with dignity and respect, is the farthest thing from any of their minds. This is what it means and looks like to be totally reprobate and utterly depraved, and it almost universally defines mankind today.

Only the Bible makes coherent sense out of any of this. Nothing could be more obvious: these are as the days of Noah right before the second coming of Yahushua the Messiah occurs. Anyone contesting the precise timing of the second coming and end of the world is arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and are totally missing the bigger and far more important issue: its coming is now both certain and imminent. Precisely when doesn't matter one whit and will mean nothing when it inevitably happens.

The only remedy for this is to confess and repent for the many sins which you have committed and turn over your wills and your lives completely to the Lordship of Yahushua the Messiah now, while there remains time to do so, as I did over 21 years ago. Today, I am a far wiser and more godly and righteous man than I was back then. But even more importantly, I now know and walk with God (YHWH) and enjoy His profound approval of and delight in me. That's all I need. Everything else is worthless dung that will soon be burnt up. The notion of sustainability in this context is sheer madness that is of the devil and nothing more. Don't be deceived by any of the nonsense. Entrust all your plans to God and He will guide your steps, as He guides mine today.

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