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Using Quotes to Reach Your Hearts and Your Minds

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Some of you may have noticed a page on my website devoted to memorable and inspiring quotes. I intend to use this page to share quotes which may illustrate and tell the story that I tell in all my books: His story, from which we derive the word history, which matters a great deal, as I hope to demonstrate in the weeks and months ahead. I plan to leave each quote up for 2-3 weeks and to then post a new one, in order to entice you to come back and satisfy your curiosity as to what I am up to now.

As of this writing on November 13, 2021, here is my first quote:

"The story of your life is the long and brutal assault on your heart by the one who knows what you could be and fears it." John Eldredge, from his book, Waking the Dead

As I read this sentence in John's excellent book in mid-2006 for the first time some 15 years ago, I knew instantly that John, and God who was speaking through John, were speaking directly to me. I knew it was true and that I had just found a treasure of immense value to me in making sense out of my own life story, that in many ways seemed to make no sense at all up to that point.

In the beginning of his book, John contends, and I fully agree that:

  1. Things are not what they seem; there is far more to life going on than meets the eye.

  2. We live in a world that is at war; we live in a story far more dramatic and far more dangerous than we ever imagined, and

  3. We, at least God's elect (John does not make this important caveat), have a crucial role to play in God's story, and that figuring out what our predestinated role is is one of the most important things we must figure out in all of life.

"The one" in the quote above is referring to the devil, the father of lies and the destroyer, the enemy of all of mankind, but most especially of all of those of us of God's elect. In the next few years which followed, I discovered that all of the opposition that I had encountered virtually my entire life was rooted in the actions of the devil to try to take me out, and just how ruthless and cruel he was. But it took me seven more years and many painful life experiences to figure out who I was destined to become and the role God had predestinated for me to play in His epic story. I had much more to learn about myself and about God's ways first, and God had many circumstances that He intended to bring into my life to teach me many important, and often very painful life lessons.

One of those defining circumstances occurred during the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2010 in which I was led by God to view a DVD documentary entitled, Agenda: Grinding America Down, produced by Idaho state legislator Curtis Bowers, which first exposed me to the possibility that a global conspiracy existed that was systematically eroding America from within. The documentary listed a number of books, all of which I acquired and devoured, that led me to acquire and devour two more waves of books after that that fully educated me on the realities of the global elite conspiracy which I now expose relentlessly in all my writings; much to the chagrin of The Powers That Be, I am sure.

Then, in the month following (December 2010), three friends all implored me to read an online essay by Harold Camping concerning the end times of Bible prophecy. I had zero interest in doing so. It seemed completely irrelevant to my life at the time. If I was good with God, then it didn't matter when the second coming might occur; I was good to go any time it happened. But after the third man asked me to read the same material in one month, and none of these three men knew of the existence of the other two men, or what they were asking of me, I concluded that I was being led to read this material and so I relented. And over the next 18 months I began to read the writings of some well-known theologians on the subject of the end times which culminated in a ten day backpacking and camping trip into the Sierra Nevada mountains by myself to a remote mountain lake that I had been going to almost every summer since I was 12 years old. By that time I was 58. God had summoned me to flee to the mountains and I instantly obeyed. I had no idea what He intended; I thought perhaps the second coming might occur while I was out there in the wilderness. So I took my old NIV Bible and my brand new KJV Bible and headed off to my hideaway, and while there I read all the big and important books of the KJV Bible, especially those pertaining to end times Bible prophecy for the very first time. And what I discovered blew me away!

I discovered that all the high-falutin,' modern day theologians who hold PhDs in divinity could not have gotten things more wrong concerning the sequence of events leading up to the second coming. By that time, I was well aware of the prevalent use of gas lighting and psychological operations to deceive the masses, and so I instantly knew that I was onto something VERY big!

Shortly thereafter, I discovered that my family and virtually everyone who I mistakenly thought were my friends were bearing false witness against me and doing everything they could to destroy me and so I fled from the the San Francisco Bay Area of California, one of the epicenters of the global elite conspiracy in the world and a center of rampant occultism and witchcraft, to the mountains of southeastern Idaho where I live today. That was over nine years ago.

About a year later, in 2013, I was reading two passages from the Book of Ezekiel concerning the Old Testament prophet's calling from God to serve Him as His watchman on the wall as described in Ezekiel 3:17-21 and 33:1-11, and when I came to each of these passages, tears started streaming down my cheeks and splashing off my shirt. I had no doubt: God was speaking directly to me. He was telling me that He was calling me to serve Him as His watchman on the wall in these final days of the end times of Bible prophecy. It could not have been more obvious to me! And that is what began this whole journey of mine.

It is what led me to adopt the pen name, Watchman on the Wall, that I have used on all six of my books until about six weeks ago, when I figured out that God was calling me to come out of hiding and out of the shadows and to reveal myself more fully so that I could more effectively market my existing books, and those to come, to God's elect, who are few in number and hard to find and reach. In the process, I have reluctantly come to acknowledge that God has called me to be His messenger or prophet in these last days, to help the elect make sense out of a world that is rapidly spinning out of control and makes no sense at all until you connect the dots that I routinely and effortlessly make between the global elite conspiracy that most people refuse to even consider is possible, and the current fulfillment of the last end times Bible prophecy that has to be fulfilled before the second coming of Yahushua the Messiah (Christ) can occur. That prophecy is Revelation 6:15-17, which may already be well underway and we just don't know it - yet.

As a result of this spiritual journey of mine, I have become the devil's worst nightmare, aggressively teaching the truth and exposing his many pernicious lies, and in so doing, fulfilled John Eldredge's quote above as it pertains to my life story. So now I must pose this question to you, my fellow elect readers: what is the role Yahuwah (God) has predestinated and chosen for YOU to play, and when are you going to start fulfilling it?

In closing, I invite you to return to see what new quotes Yahuwah inspires me to post here to inspire your hearts and challenge your thinking in the weeks and months ahead. I am just going to follow His leading and post what He inspires me to share and to write at least one blog per quote commenting and elaborating on each new one to explain its significance and applicability to our present very challenging circumstances. My goal is to touch your hearts to inspire you to great exploits with a compelling vision and adventure for your own lives and to challenge your minds with my own rather out-of-the-box and unusual thinking to break other people out of their zombie slumbers, if God wills it.

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