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Two Explanations of Why World War III is Nearly Inevitable

First, take the time to view the video and read the article here. Both are excellent summaries of the Jewish and Zionist globalist Satanic forces at play that are hell bent on wreaking massive misery on all of humanity, apart from themselves: (Why They Need War III (Video) by Vernon Colman, May 4, 2022) (The Neocon Zionists Are Setting Up the World for Nuclear War by Paul Craig Roberts, May 4, 2022)

I take no exception to anything that Vernon Coleman and Paul Craig Roberts state here. I am in 100% agreement with both of them.

World War III has already begun. At the moment, it consists of a proxy war between the United States and Russia, with the Ukraine serving as the puppet state and proxy on behalf of the United States, which continues to engage in provocative acts that are designed to force Russia's hand to direct its military forces and weaponry against the NATO countries of Poland, Germany, the UK and the soon-to-be NATO countries of Sweden and Finland. The nations of the world have gone mad, just as the Bible describes and for the reasons it describes. Meanwhile, the economic sanctions initiated by the United States, ostensibly against Russia, are not primarily directed against Russia. They are directed at impoverishing and starving to death billions of people, particularly on the continents of Africa and Asia and ushering in their Great Reset abomination in which they promise you that soon you will own nothing and be happy (and merely grateful that you are still alive). These world leaders and their puppet masters are demon-possessed psychopathic monsters, pure and simple. Will you get the least bit angry about any of this? From all indications, the answer is, It's not likely. At least the odds are stacked against it, judging from the collective global response to the Covid psyop and scam that resulted in global tyranny that's here to stay.

The only ray of hope in this nightmarish horror show is God, Yahuwah (YHWH) of the KJV Bible, stepping in to put and end to this evil once and for all. He is orchestrating all of this behind the scenes, just as He has orchestrated every last event that has ever occurred in world history since the beginning of the world. So all of us are being tested. Will we demonstrate the character of Christ to stand and oppose evil and lies wherever we see them, to do what is right and to treat others the way we wish to be treated? Or will we cower in cowardice and fear and say and do nothing out of selfishness or complicity? God has already predetermined how each of us will respond to all of this. Make no mistake about this.

What we are looking at is a massive metaphorical freight train barreling down the tracks at us. It is not unlike the moment when Moses and the 12 Hebrew tribes were trapped on the edge of the Gulf of Aqaba off of the Red Sea some 3,500 years ago, as the Egyptian pharaoh and his army of chariots and charioteers were barreling down on them to annihilate them. In that prior event, Moses raised his staff over the waters of the Red Sea and God parted the waters and the Israelites walked across the land bridge that was created to the other side and then God drowned every last one of the pursuing Egyptian army by closing the waters of the Red Sea over them. What a number of us see coming feels much like that historic parting of the Red Sea moment in which God performed a rescue of mercy and grace at the very last moment for His people.

He promises to do the same thing shortly in these final days of the end times of Bible prophecy. He has never failed to keep His promises to me. Almost everyone else has afflicted, disrespected and betrayed me. So my path is sure: I am fully trusting God (YHWH) to deliver me from this sad and tragic end. How about you? Do you have a better plan? If you are not right with God, this may be close to your last opportunity to get right with Him. So I suggest you use the time remaining wisely to confess and repent of your many sins, ask Yahuwah (God) for forgiveness, and give your life and your will over to Yahushua the Messiah (Christ) while there is still time remaining to do so, just as I did 21 years ago: broken, desperate and out of answers. The last 21 years have been no walk in the park, to be sure. But today I know where I'm going, who I belong to and my eternity glows with hope, promise, peace and promises of pleasures for evermore at the right hand of God. Does yours? If not, what are you waiting for?

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