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Things Don't Add up about the Russia-Ukraine Story

First, take a moment to digest the following video and the three articles following it:

Several things just don't add up when it comes to the Russia-Ukraine conflict that is alleged to be underway:

  1. Russia's announced military operation last Thursday morning is just too neatly timed right after the Beijing Olympics were concluded on Sunday, February 21, the exposure of the Canadian banks in seizing and freezing the bank accounts of those targeted by the Canadian tyrants as "illegal protestors" in Ottawa and the rapidly unraveling Covid psyop false narrative. As FDR clearly told us, "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it does, you can bet it was planned that way."

  2. President Putin of Russia and President Zelensky of the Ukraine are both Jewish. What are the odds of that?

  3. Putin is a graduate of the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders program. All world leaders are secretly members of the Jewish globalist cabal of devil-worshippers. For anyone to believe that Vladimir Putin is anything more than an actor doing the bidding of his globalist masters of the occult is beyond naive at this point.

So what is really going on in the Ukraine? Simply put, it is almost impossible to tell. and I would submit to you that no one really knows. Trying to read the minds of madmen is a fool's errand.

If we lived in a world of rational human beings and responsible and competent leaders, which we clearly do not, a fair and reasonable conclusion to draw would be that the U.S. has been breaking its word repeatedly and has been failing to respond to the legitimate security concerns of Russia, ostensibly being led by Vladimir Putin, while increasingly moving military assets closer to Russia's borders with eastern Europe, and in particular since 2014, with the Ukraine. Here is the full text of Putin's speech on the morning of Thursday, February 24, announcing his decision to open a special military operation in the Ukraine and why:

Those of us in America must come to terms with the brutal and objective reality that the United States is indeed a decadent and depraved nation of wicked liars in virtually every sphere of human endeavor. I find it almost impossible not to agree with Putin's characterization of the Western bloc, and the United States that leads it, as the empire of lies. The Biden administration's rude and disrespectful dismissals of Russia's very credible concerns for its security as it concerns the movement of NATO forces closer to Russia's borders and the potential admission of the Ukraine as a full-fledged member of NATO directly aimed against Russia is not something that the national leader of Russia can afford not to take very seriously. In short, America's actions toward Russia for the last eight years have been nothing short of provocative, insulting and designed to elicit a military response that the lying, propaganda-spewing American mainstream media would then twist and distort to demonize Russia and its leader, precisely as America has done in all prior wars of the last 120 years. Yet the American people are clearly too stupid to learn from the blatantly wicked and evil actions of the demon-possessed psychopaths who pose as our duly elected leaders and media whores who do their bidding.

Any wise leader knows that you cannot and must not allow an adversary, who has proven themselves time and time again to be wicked liars and untrustworthy, to continue their reckless and irresponsible behaviors without drawing a red line in the sand and drawing firm boundaries around their wicked and foolish behaviors. Any fair and honest assessment of Putin's actions over the last eight years in the face of an unending barrage of false claims made against him and His nation by America's politicians and media cannot help but credit Putin with an unusual and admirable degree of restraint in the face of such injustice and a scorched earth American foreign policy. The historical record is crystal clear: America and NATO have badly abused their relationship with Russia and left Russia with no other viable response to it other than to act with military force to a threat that cannot be tolerated any longer.

Wars occur when diplomacy fails. But there is always a deeper story to any war. War is a racket. Rich Jewish oligarchs profit from the sales of weapons to both sides in any military conflict. Jewish banksters profit from growing national debts that nations incur to finance such wars. Moreover, wars become a pretext and an excuse for governmental tyrants to bombard their publics with demonizing propaganda that paints an outside enemy as an over-arching threat to that empire, nation or society's survival. During times of war, governments are able to demand loyalty to their cause and to demonize and even criminalize any form of dissent from their own citizens to its wartime actions and policies. America is an empire in rapid decline. Its leaders are desperate to cling to power, no matter what the cost is to themselves and to those entrusted to their care and protection. And so caught in their many lies, America's establishment, The Powers That Be, are now doubling down on all of them and refusing to do what is right in anything.

It is clear to me that God is using Putin to demonstrate to the world what self-restraint, wisdom, strength and courage look like when confronted with deceit and pure evil. In addition, God is exposing the governments and media of the West as the duplicitous liars and whores that they all are right before He destroys them all in searing heat and scorching fire in His end times wrath, fury and justice. I have not witnessed a single writer, politician or media talking head from the West who has not condemned Putin's action in the Ukraine as brutal, illegal and wrong. And every last one of those wicked and godless fools have publicly proven themselves worthy of the eternal torment in the burning lake of fire and brimstone that soon awaits them at the hands of a righteous and holy God, Yahuwah. They are all dead wrong. For every one of those godless liars and cowards, they will be getting precisely what they all deserve. For them, the notion of that which is wise, morally right, and treating others they way they wish to be treated, means nothing. Their souls are dead and they have ceased to be human. The only thing that stops such pure evil is overwhelming power and physical force with unwavering conviction and resolve. That's where God comes in. Reckless, irresponsible stupidity has dire consequences. America is now on the brink of experiencing this first hand. Biblical history is repeating itself.

Exactly how this play plays itself out really does not matter. We all know the conclusion to this tragedy, and that is all that truly matters. We are way past the time in which anyone can claim that they did not know the consequences of their reckless actions. We all know. We all are without excuse. Playing pretend and make believe does not change this objective reality one iota and we all know it. America has met its true enemy and it is us. Our collective cowardice, deceit and depravity has brought us to the Day of Judgment. America is incapable of shame any longer. It's hopeless. And it's over.

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