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The World is in Undeclared War Pitting the Elite against the Whole of Humanity

Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, and former Apostolic Nuncio (Ambassador) to the United States from the Vatican, delivered the following address on April 2 to a rally led by Lt. General Michael Flynn that convened in Salem, Oregon on April 2, 2022: (Reawakening of Consciences: "The Threat of a Third World War is Weighing on All of Us," by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, April 4, 2022)

In his call for an awakening in America in the face of the New World Order Great Reset threat, Archbishop Viganò does a good job of summarizing the issues which have brought us to the insanity of today. However, he fails to properly teach and instruct others what the word of God, the KJV Bible, clearly says and means as it pertains to today. He is no outlier or exception in this regard. Virtually all pastors, ministers and priests are telling their flocks what they want to hear and not the full truth. That job is left to individuals like me who swear no allegiance to any institution; only to God.

In 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 we are clearly told,

"And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God (Eloah) shall send (and has now already sent) them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (Parenthetical added for clarity; boldface added for emphasis)

Today, all around us, we witness abject liars and blind fools who insist on playing pretend almost constantly. In so doing, they are unwittingly revealing to us that they have been sent strong delusion by God Himself because He did not place in them a love for the truth the way He has in some of us: those of us who number among His born again elect. That which God has done to close people's minds and harden their hearts, He has done to fulfill His predestinated plan for mankind and for each of them. He has predestinated that they would perish in their sins and their unbelief. He created them for this very purpose:

"The LORD (YHWH) hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil." Proverbs 16:4

Viganò claims to be a man of God. If that is so, he ought to know these things and to act accordingly. And yet he does not. Instead, he acts in a carnal and worldly way and calls people to open their eyes, to wake up, and to understand what has happened and what is happening. He argues that it is the moment to act. But is that the least bit true?

At the end of his declaration, he claims that it is time "to establish an Anti-Globalist Alliance, a worldwide civil movement that gives voice to the majority of citizens, denouncing the coup that is now in progress, revealing the connivances of the powerful, the conflicts of interest of the lobbies, the lies of the mainstream media." He argues that "this Alliance must have its own clear and common purpose that refutes the agenda of globalism and opposes it with a concrete proposal, in conformity with Natural Law, the common good, and good governance." He advocates for a proposal from such an Alliance "that promotes harmony among nations and peaceful coexistence among sovereign peoples, whose right to live in their own homelands must be recognized, as well as their right to build their own future and well-being without exploiting others and without being exploited." Such a proposal ought to give "centrality to the sovereignty of nations, to the protection of religion, culture and traditions, to the defense of life and the family." Finally, such a proposal ought to "definitively break the odious chains of the dictatorship of ideologies that in recent decades have been imposed on us only to destroy us in soul and body." As a true man of God, I can fully get behind all of these notions of righteousness. But it isn't going to happen on this depraved and corrupt earth and we all know, or should know, it.

If all this is true, then why has no credible, trustworthy, proven leader of humility and virtue arisen to offer the world such a vision, with a concrete plan to overthrow the globalist cabal that stands a chance in hell of being successful, and reinventing how mankind governs itself? More importantly, what is God's predestinated plan that He is clearly in the midst of orchestrating right now? Few people even dare to speculate what He clearly is up to. In fact, God barely shows up in anyone's discussion of the global political, economic and social problems facing mankind today and this failure to factor God fully into these equations, is a recipe for complete disaster and supreme disappointment.

What is God so clearly up to? He is exposing the global elite conspiracy in all of its depravity and evil on a daily basis. As such, He is fulfilling more completely the end times prophecy of Matthew 10:26:

"Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known."

As my last article focused on, we live in a world of endless lies and almost no one bats an eye about it, no matter how immoral or shocking it might be. Our own demon-possessed psychopath leaders have been demonizing Russia since at least 2016, and probably earlier. Psychopaths always accuse their enemies of that which they are most guilty of. That certainly is the case when corrupt Mafia hitman, Joe Biden, calls Putin a butcher and a war criminal for protecting Russia's national interests that NATO and Biden have deliberately threatened. For the last two years, God has been exposing the depths and breadth of the corruption, dishonesty and greed that defines the mainstream medical establishment in this country surrounding an alleged virus that has yet to be isolated in any lab and proven to exist and to cause disease. Meanwhile, God is allowing countless willfully ignorant wicked fools who took the fraudulent death jabs to now drop dead suddenly, thus exposing the globalists' plans to exterminate roughly 95% of humanity on earth. Where is the moral outrage over this monstrous crime against humanity? The silence is deafening and the cowardice and a failure to act to stop this criminality at all levels is beyond deplorable and repugnant. Republicans and Democrats clearly conspired to steal the 2020 election, thus proving my claims that all elections are rigged, corrupt and fraudulent and offer us no real choice at all, since we are always presented with two deviant characters to choose between, both of which are heavily compromised and in the pockets of "special interests," which is coded language for the globalist cabal.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the political, economic and social systems of the world are hopelessly broken and this is by the deliberate and intentional design of the part of the globalists. Viganò's words in the article I link to above do not reflect these objective realities. Today, those in power in every nation are demon-possessed psychopaths, mass murderers and dangerous criminals who do not give a damn about the people they allegedly represent and serve. It's all just a massive con game, organized crime and swindles. We all are without excuse today. The Powers That Be have employed their divide and conquer ploys masterfully through the media they own and control in recent decades so that no interest group does not have an opponent group that is diametrically opposed to their aims and agendas. We are living in a world of conflict, hatred and madness on steroids.

The majority of citizens of the world are ignorant, wicked fools who have no business selecting their leaders. The notion of voting to select leaders assumes that the citizenry are moral, educated and capable of assessing a man's character and his leadership qualities and competence. Sadly, the citizenry of America is the exact opposite of this. Most Americans are foolish and spoiled children who are ruled by their unrestrained emotions and feelings in which the truth seldom, if ever, factors into their decisions and actions. Viganò knows all of this. So his appeals to his audience is yet another form of "let's play pretend" and make believe. It may make his audience feel good, but will accomplish nothing, because that is God's intention for it.

God is fully in charge of the nightmare and horror show that we are all witnessing today. He's orchestrating everything this way on purpose. Why? To bring a few of us to this place that I have arrived at in which I place no trust or confidence in any man or in any institution; instead, I only trust God to bring this nightmare to a close as soon as He wills to do so and that He protect me from harm in the meantime. And that, dear readers, is what true faith looks like. It's a gift from God.

Whenever a society, nation or empire becomes as corrupt and decadent as America and the rest of the world have become today, it must perish at the hands of a power of superior physical force and might. You do not reason with lunatics, psychopaths and terrorists. You destroy them with overwhelming physical power and force. If you choose to read ahead in God's story in the Bible, you will see that this is precisely what God has in store for these wicked fools and deviant perverts. He intends to demolish them with searing heat and scorching fire and it will not be even the least bit a fair fight. We are very close to that day as I write this. It's painfully obvious to those of us who are godly, honest and sane. It's not to anyone else. You'll never win this argument. So don't even try. Just be still and know that He is God and that He's got this. He really does, although at many times, because He chooses to remain invisible to us, it seems otherwise. That's when a long-standing series of experiences with Him will prove His active involvement in each of our lives and His real power. It's what a true relationship with God is all about. And for that, I am very grateful.

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