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The Ukraine: Is it Much Ado About Nothing?

The following article is perhaps the best and most well-reasoned analysis I have yet seen on the diversion being engaged in by the lying luciferian U.S. government and the mainstream media:

In it, Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, editor of the Wall Street Journal and professor of economics at six universities, explains why the endless noise which we are witnessing in the news right now truly does amount to much ado about nothing. In other words, it is total bullshit. I believe PCR is absolutely right. Here's why:

  1. Russia is a vassal state of the Talmudic Jewish global elite conspiracy, which runs the world, just as much as is America. Everything we witness in world politics is tightly scripted and choreographed to keep the masses totally deceived at multiple levels and their attention diverted from what is really going on. The leaders of all major nations are all members of Freemasonry, which amounts to Talmudic Judaism for Gentiles. So Putin is a puppet, just as is Biden. Secretly, they are all members of the same club and same secret societies that JFK warned us about.

  2. America and NATO making noise about installing missile batteries on the northern border of Ukraine, directed at Moscow, some 280 miles away, is absurd. Doing such a foolish thing would be tantamount to replaying the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, only in reverse. Just as American under JFK would not tolerate Soviet missiles installed on Cuba pointed at America, it hardly takes a rocket scientist (pun intended) to figure out that Russia as a nation state would not tolerate the same thing being played on them some 60 years later by America.

  3. Nothing occurs unless it was planned that way, as FDR freely admitted when he was President in the 1930s. The same Jewish cabal that ruled the world in the 1930s rules the world today. They freely admitted to this in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, that ought to be required reading for everyone alive today, because that fully explains their game plan and ways of operating of this child raping, Satan worshipping cabal of misfits, moral deviants and criminals or organized crime. They own and control the mainstream media globally. So all our news is propaganda, misdirection and omission of pertinent facts. Now those like me, who teach the truth, are relentlessly censored to try to shut us up and to reveal their ways and power to the rest of us.

  4. When you read the Protocols, as I have, you will discover that at the end, they fully intend to exhaust the masses of the world and make us all disgusted with our corrupt and incompetent governments so that at some point, this same cabal that intentionally created this dystopian mess would offer the peoples of the world an alternative: their New World Order, with strings attached, that we couldn't refuse. This is what would explain why the media would allege that Putin has thrown down the gauntlet and demanded a written and signed security agreement with America and NATO that guarantees that the West will not install missile batteries in the Ukraine and will not admit the Ukraine to become a member of NATO, whose reason for existence ended with the end of the Cold War. It would also explain why the lying mainstream media in the West would stoke the fears of Russia, Russia, Russia as the personification of pure evil ever since Trump's selection by the cabal as America's Puppet-in-Chief in November of 2016. The Khazarian Mafia (aka Talmudic Jews) play for keeps and they play the long game. If you cannot think in terms of chess moves over multiple decades, then you are wasting your time trying to figure any of this nonsense out; because you never will. You're just not devious enough.

  5. The fact that the Covid hoax and scam is unraveling by the minute is also no accident. We have to recognize that it too was planned and is being fully orchestrated by the Khazarian Mafia. Why? Look at what is happening in Ottawa, Canada right now. This coming Saturday will mark three weeks that Canadian truckers have occupied the capital of that city and aren't leaving until Covid mandates and restrictions are lifted. Do you honestly think that the trucker convoy was not orchestrated and is not being controlled in secret by this same cabal?!? If you do, you are in no position to oppose them, because you have no idea how they think and operate.

A wise military general knows his enemy, and knows how he operates and all his strengths and weaknesses before committing to go to war against him. The protesters in Ottawa, have no clue that a wise and competent leader never negotiates with terrorists, be they foreign or domestic. You either kill them, or contain them. Those are your only two viable options. And you sure as hell don't plan to cede power and control to them ever again, once they have revealed their true colors as corrupt, money-grubbing mass murderers under any circumstances. The protesters in Canada are being played like fish. They have no understanding how these demon-possessed psychopaths and pathological liars operate. But from where I sit, it appears to me that the globalist cabal is choosing deliberately to create maximum confusion, fear and chaos. The threat of World War 3 with Russia, the many people being hospitalized and dying from the death jabs, mass murdering children, growing inflation and lying about it, widespread unemployment, fragile financial markets, governments, like Canada, threatening to declare and impose martial law are all part of something way bigger: the Great Theft and the Great Reset.

But there is an even bigger story playing itself out here that none of the devil-worshipping, power mad, billionaire class are capable of grasping: Behind all of this sits an all-knowing, all-powerful God who remains fully in control of all things who has secretly been orchestrating all of this disruption to strip away all of our false idols and false gods that never satisfy or bring us any peace in the end. Only He does. It's time to start thinking strategically. And biblically. Until you do, you don't have a clue, and time is running out to figure it out. Unless you are devoted to doing God's will in all things, you're hopelessly lost and still think that life is all about you. It never was. It has always been all about Him.

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