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The Mark of a Dying Nation and World

I urge you to take the time to listen to the following sermon that Pastor Chuck Baldwin gave on Sunday, October 16, 2022, at:

I am no fan of any form of organized religion, all of which are, and always have been, demonic. That means that they lie and distort the truth of God and of His word, the Bible and make an abject mockery out of the teachings of the Bible to lead people away from the one true God, YHWH and from the truth. But I make a rare exception in the case of Chuck Baldwin, who pastors Liberty Fellowship church in Kalispell, Montana, and who consistently speaks and teaches the convicting and inconvenient truth of our nation that is manifesting spiritual and moral decay at virtually every turn.

Simply put, America's leaders in every sphere of human endeavor today have abandoned any pretense of doing the right thing and to treating others the way they wish to be treated. Everything is now out in the open for all to see, if we care to. Most choose not to see it, because it is simply too distressing. But we must look at it, if we are to survive what's soon coming.

Our financial markets are overwhelmed with unsustainable debt and fiat currency money printing that is causing them to be on the brink of total collapse very soon. This was all planned and quite deliberate. None of it was any accident. The Fed's moves to raise interest rates, in response to a real inflation rate of 16.4% and rising, brought about by reckless money printing and intentional destruction of global supply chains, will do nothing but plunge America's economy into deep unemployment and a depression, which is exactly what they want. Too many dollars are chasing a shrinking supply of goods and services. The result is rising inflation, that higher interest rates will simply make worse, and they know it and want it.

The fraud of Covid-19 and the bioweapon death jabs that have disabled or killed millions of Americans and people the world over are clearly the elements of planned mass murder on steroids. And yet the perpetrators of this monstrous crime against humanity retain their positions and appear to be untouchable in spite of numerous admissions and exposures of their nefarious, immoral and illegal deeds. Lawlessness defines American society today. Yet even today, strongly deluded fools walk around in public with face masks, openly advertising their strong delusion and eagerly awaiting their next booster shot that may very well finish them off.

In a scene reminiscent of George Orwell's prophetic novel, 1984, American and European leaders blame everything on Russia, Russia, Russia, after repeatedly breaking their word to Russia regarding protecting their legitimate insistence on military security guarantees after the collapse of the USSR in late 1991. They have intentionally provoked Russia to embark on their special military operation to rescue the Russian-speaking peoples of the Donbass region of the Ukraine from open genocide that has now resulted in Russia annexing those regions into the Russian federation. Yet still the United States and NATO continue to supply arms, intelligence and training to their corrupt Ukrainian proxies in a clear attempt to provoke Russia into taking action to defend itself from the west's ongoing terrorist attacks. The goal of America's leaders appears to be to remove Russian President Vladimir Putin from power (and replace him with a puppet of their choosing) and to freeze and starve to death millions of Europeans this winter as a result of the suicidal sanctions against Russia that they agreed to impose, probably because their lives were threatened if they didn't go along with the American suicide scheme. America and Europe have no moral legitimacy any longer. And yet the west's mendacious media whores keep doubling down on their offensive lies to keep the people perpetually confused and deceived.

The global warming scam is also on full display as a trick to induce unthinking people to recklessly abandon the use of oil and natural gas as our primary energy source through the endless use of lies and fear mongering. It takes a real man of integrity and courage to stand up to this incessant cackle of demon-possessed witches and warlocks, in which all challenges to their ridiculous lies are censored, silenced, suppressed and ridiculed. In such a world, few real leaders dare to expose and subject themselves to character assassination, demonization, or worse.

In the culture wars, those who pose as the west's thought police are demonizing everything noble, good, just, right and kind by actively promoting children's gender confusion to mutilate their genitalia that can only end badly for all of these defenseless children. Recently, a Virginia lawmaker has threatened to introduce legislation in the State of Virginia to strip parents of their children if they dare to oppose their immature and brain washed child's wishes to engage in dangerous sex change procedures. This is sheer madness on steroids and we all have no basis to claim that we don't know that this is very harmful, foolish, irresponsible and wrong.

Decadent and depraved America has become the laughing stock of the world. And yet we all are effectively powerless to stop any of this. The only thing that will stop the demon-possessed psychopaths that are driving this insanity from finishing off the entire human race and and all life on earth is the overwhelming physical power of almighty God (YHWH). There is no other viable option that stands a chance of being successful.

We are past the time of warnings and teachings today. We are now standing on the precipice of God's justifiable fury and wrath that is directed at a world that has rejected Him and the truth and embraced an endless collection of lies and moral deviancy. Every story in the news today can be summarized by this undeniable and painfully obvious conclusion. To be a clever and skillful liar in today's culture is seen as a mark of success and something to admire in others. Might makes right. Do whatever you can get away with. You're not accountable to anyone or responsible for anything. Just don't get caught. The notion of any man leading by his own good and moral example to inspire others to do that which is right is almost universally viewed as naive and foolish by our deviant, depraved and decadent culture. Moreover, the Bible predicts all of this:

"The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted." Psalm 12:8

"When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever." Psalm 92:7

So how must all of this insanity end? In the total destruction of the wicked and the foolish by an angry, just and righteous God, YHWH, who has had enough. Going along to get along with that which is evil, and lying constantly, are marks of wicked fools and cowards with no spine; nothing more. God has clearly hardened the hearts of most people to bring about this almost universal effect, just as He did with Pharaoh and the Egyptians at the time of Moses and the ten plagues in Egypt. There is nothing sane, rational or moral about any of this. There is no stopping what is coming very soon to our nation and to our world. We are all without excuse. I strongly suggest that you throw yourselves at the mercy of all-powerful God, YHWH, by confessing of and repenting for your many sins of deceit, treachery, thievery and betrayal and beg Him to forgive you for them. It is the only way out of what is coming very soon. This end was predestinated from the beginning of the world and is clearly laid out in the Bible that you have chosen to play fast and loose with. The Bible is all true: 100% of it. You haven't gotten away with anything. God has seen it all and He's not the least bit amused. Act now, if you are even able to do so, or regret it for all eternity. Time is up.

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