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The Jewish Obsession with Demonizing Hitler has been a Propaganda Trick all Along

After my post yesterday concerning Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's remarks that Hitler was partly Jewish and that many wise Jewish commentators have long claimed that some of the worst anti-Semites are Jews, and then my elaborating on how it was that Hitler was rumored to have been the grandson of a Rothschild baron, who had a fling with one of his maids, who ended up conceiving Adolf Hitler's father, Alois, through him, we have this interesting and rather lengthy article that elaborates extensively on the true history of Hitler, much of which I have long known about. Now it's your turn to discover a bit more of the truth of Hitler and the impostors posing as "jews," aka, the synagogue of Satan: (Adolf Hitler Was A Rothschild – Strong Evidence, by Alexander Light, May 3, 2022)

So what? you might ask.

For starters, did you notice from the articles I provided links to in yesterday's post that the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the rogue terrorist state of Israel connected Lavrov's remarks to the mythical holohoax, even though Lavrov, made no such claim? The Israeli Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, went so far as to condemn Lavrov's remarks as "unforgivable" and "outrageous." Who the fuck does this lying prick think he is to suggest or imply that he or any other Jew for that matter has the power to forgive anyone of anything?!? What about the endless lies and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the impostors posing as Jews throughout the last 2000 years against non-Jews, especially against Christians, whom they particularly hate with unbridled venom?!? Are not those crimes far more "unforgivable" than Lavrov's truthful remarks? They most assuredly are!

Lapid goes on to say, "Jews did not murder themselves in the Holocaust. The lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews themselves of anti-Semitism." Let's pick this diatribe of deceit apart to demolish his absurd lies, shall we?

First of all, there was no mass extermination by gassing of 6 million Jews in the concentration camps and "mobile gassing vans," at the hands of the Germans in World War II, as the impostor "jews" claim in their holohoax false narrative. In short, the holohoax never happened. It has all been a monstrous lie, fraud and scam that the fake "jews" deftly use to stake out a claim of moral superiority, allegedly earning them special protection from allegedly unwarranted persecution throughout the last 20 centuries of world history. It's what all demon-possessed psychopaths do: they accuse their enemies of that which they are most guilty of and preying on the sympathy and pity of their victims. The "jews" are masters at this scam, because they all are universally demon-possessed psychopaths, because of the sins they routinely commit in hatred against God (YHWH). These routine sins include familial incest, rape, sodomy, pedophilia and child sacrifice, much of which is endorsed and condoned by the Babylonian Talmud which the rabbis derive their occult religious teachings from.

Since the holohoax never happened, "jews" did not murder themselves or their less wealthy and less powerful religious cult brethren under the Germans during World War II. In that regard, Lapid's claim that the "jews" did not murder themselves in the holohoax is accurate, but not at all for the reasons he is implying or trying to claim. He's a wicked liar and a demon-possessed demagogue, that is all.

Second, as I explained in my prior post, the demon-possessed psychopath "jews" of today are the most racist, hateful, bigoted anti-Semites that have ever lived. These descendants of Turko-Mongolian Khazars have little, if any, Semite blood in them. Therefore anyone questioning the seditious and immoral conduct of these Satan worshippers can be called a lot of things, but anti-Semite ain't one of them. It's just a "jewish" trick to fool the stupid and clueless goyim (meaning cattle) into falsely believing that these brash, boastful, evil practitioners of the occult and perverted sexual deviancies are worthy of anyone's respect or courtesy, when in fact they are deserving of none of that.

As I explained in my prior post, those of us of the White race are the true descendants of the 12 Hebrew tribes of the Bible who are descended from Noah's son, Shem, and this constitutes the definition of what a true Semite is. And the historical record is replete with examples of "jewish" hatred toward those of us of the White race, as I demonstrated from one venomous talk from a "jewish" rabbi in Bucharest, Hungary in 1952 in my last post. There are many others that are not common knowledge, but very real, that prove the "jews" to be the most racist, bigoted people group in all of world history, bar none. But "jews" are well known for their brazenness and their chutzpah. They are widely known for claiming anything, no matter how outlandish, and doing it loudly and offensively. Today, we are catching Yair Lapid in the act of committing this very moral crime. So I'm not buying any of his bravado and bullshit; nor should you.

We can easily surmise where this is headed. Now the outcry among the 15 million impostors worldwide who claim to be Jews and are not, the synagogue of Satan of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, will raise hue and cry and demand the utter destruction of the Russians and their leadership without mercy. And their Freemason followers in America and Europe will dutifully obey their puppet masters and do whatever they tell them to do out of fear for the demons which possess the Satan worshipping "jews." Thus, we can expect a significant step up in provocative acts of NATO and the West over the next month or two that will be designed to escalate hostilities to pit American military forces directly against Russian ones. It is virtually inevitable and clearly planned this way by the "jewish" global elites in order to pit one group of Whites against another group of Whites, both of whom are secretly the most hated enemies of the racist and bigoted Talmudic "jews." This absurd outcome can only be possible in a world in which the vast majority of humanity has lost its mind and is ruled by demon spirits from their past sinful behaviors, mainly of a sexual nature.

Above this, God is orchestrating all of this in fulfillment of His predestinated end times plan. He has hardened the hearts of those whom He intends to destroy. You cannot reason with madmen. You can only kill them before they kill you. In such perilous times, wisdom demands that the wise and the godly trust no one but God and be prepared for riots, violence and blood in the streets very soon. Expect the summer of 2022 to be the most violent one that America has ever witnessed in its 246 year history, because God has cursed America and damned it to hell for its wanton evil, deceit and wickedness that almost no one dares to talk about.

As the article I link to above explains, Hitler was a member of the occult Thule Society. Further, he has been reported by a number of truthful historians to be an ardent student and admirer of occultist Madame Blavatsky and much of the German military insignia bore occult and pagan symbols. Hitler's rearming Germany was fully supported and funded by members of the "jewish" Illuminati on Wall Street and the City of London. And as Alexander Light explains in his article, Churchill, FDR and Stalin were all Freemasons, members of the Illuminati and demon-possessed psychopaths who had no problem sending millions of their countrymen to their certain deaths. I believe Hitler was likely to have been one of them as well.

One clue for this is alluded to at the opening of the linked to article in which the author, Light, reveals that one of his friends witnessed Hitler in Buenos Aires, Argentina after the war. The book, Hitler in Argentina: the Documented Truth of Hitler's Escape from Berlin, by Harry Cooper, first published in 1984, reveals that Hitler and Eva Braun were escorted by plane out of Berlin to Portugal, where they boarded a fishing boat that met up with a German U-Boat off of the coast of Portugal that took them to Argentina where they lived out their days in secrecy and relative obscurity. According to this book, the FBI was fully aware of Hitler's whereabouts and did nothing about it. How can this be? If he were a member of the Rothschild dynasty and/or a 33rd degree Freemason, his cronies at the Masonic FBI wouldn't touch him. After all, he was likely one of them.

The bottom line is that Hitler appears to have been a tool of the New World Order crowd, just as are Biden, Putin, Zelensky, Johnson, Macron and most other puppets who are posing as world leaders today. The global elite conspiracy, led by the Talmudic "jews" of the Illuminati, has been at this con job of the ages for literally thousands of years. For us to assume that it has only recently come into existence and operated as it has out in the open for the last two years of the Covid psyop is beyond naive. Every generation has been run by unscrupulous men who are pathological liars and demon-possessed psychopaths. But at the head of this monstrous political and economic beast system has been a small group of corrupt moral deviants who claim to be "jews" and are not. These are the synagogue of Satan whom Yahushua condemned in the harshest of terms in Matthew 23 and for which they had Him murdered on the cross. In so doing, the Messiah tricked them and their god, the devil, into killing Him, so that He might redeem God's elect, and die for our sins, so that we might enjoy eternal life with Him and with Yahuwah (YHWH or God) the Father in a new heaven and new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness for all eternity and the devil would be defeated:

"Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same, that through death (on the cross) he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil. And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage." Hebrews 2:14-15 (Parenthetical added for clarity; boldface added for emphasis)

Thus, for the last 2000 years, the arrogant, boastful, devil-worshipping "jews" have been serving a defeated god of this perishing world. Now their over-the-top arrogance and pride is causing them to be trapped in their own lies that will turn the tables on themselves andd destroy them forever. Whenever the "jews" demonize anyone, you can safely assume that they themselves are guilty of the very crimes that they are accusing their victims of. Hitler is no exception to this general rule. Never forget that. Hitler was no saint to be sure, but he was not the devil incarnate that the "jews" have always been.

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