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The Great Climate Swindle is Just That

Queensland (Australia) Senator Malcolm Roberts gives a calm and reasoned analysis here from reliable, unbiased, hard scientific evidence that there is no climate climate crisis brought about by the use of hydrocarbon energy supplies by man: (The Great Climate Swindle, by Senator Malcolm Roberts, Senator for Queensland, May 18, 2022)

Simply put, mankind is rather easy to swindle, and con and such has been done to much of humanity many times over the last 30 years and still we refuse to admit it and learn from our prior tendencies to trust those in positions of government that they will do that which is right, when we now have countless examples to the contrary. Two notable examples of this are the Covid-19 swindle and psyop of the last two plus years and now the Ukraine v. Russia hoax perpetrated deliberately by the Talmudic "jewish" puppet masters of United States foreign policy that is defined by thuggery, intimidation, fraud and bribery. It's all pure evil, dear readers. We all need to develop far more street smarts than we have evidenced to date. Evil is very real and you better learn how to spot it and deal with it in no uncertain terms whenever it appears. Global climate change is one of those big frauds and swindles and it is way past time to call it out as such, boldly, loudly and repeatedly. And then the perpetrators and promoters of it need to be summarily executed for the harm they have done and are continuing to do to others. We have all the evidence we need. Now is the time for judgment and justice!

Queensland Senator Roberts' cogent summary of the harm being done under the lie that we are all about to die unless we immediately exterminate at least two thirds of the 7.9 billion humans alive on earth today matches 100% my own research and study of the climate change hoax and fraud. One of my sources that I cannot recommend highly enough is Brian Sussman's 2010 book, Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam. He gives all the scientific evidence for what the facts are and why there is no threat to life on earth. But honestly folks, did we not all learn in our sophomore biology classes in high school that plants thrive on carbon dioxide, which is converted to water and oxygen through the process of photosynthesis? Have we forgotten every last thing we were every taught growing up in school?!? How have we allowed the lying politicians and media to foist this monstrous con job over on all of us without a fight to the death first, before any action is taken?!? What is wrong with all of us?!?

Instead, we have stood by and watched as Joe Biden boasted about "putting together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics," as shown here: (Joe Biden says he's built the most extensive "voter fraud" organization in history, November 5, 2020)

And several days later, we watched as he and his cronies stole the 2020 election, defrauding all of us of our alleged right to choose fairly our leaders, who has then gone on to destroy our energy independence and to pursue a proxy war with Russia, using the Ukraine as his tool of choice, to give him the pretext to impose economic sanctions on Russia that deliberately seek to destroy Europe's and America's economy. Meanwhile American politicians on both the right and the left went along with this charade and hoax and said and did nothing, thus revealing to even the casual observer that they are all in on the fix and the scam.

These are NOT authority figures we should place our trust in or obey on anything! They are all lying psychopaths and mass-murdering criminals and thieves whom we all should be seeking to lynch and hang from the nearest lamppost without further delay! There is no such thing as justice here in America or in Queensland, Australia. Get that through your thick heads! All institutions and leaders the world over have been taken over by spiritually dark forces beholden to the devil himself, the father of lies and the destroyer. Honestly, what's not to get here?!?

When Yahushua the Messiah returns in the clouds with power and great glory in His second coming very soon, as He most assuredly will, where will you be? Will you be cowering in terror and fear at your imminent condemnation to eternal torment in a burning lake of fire and brimstone? Or will you be rejoicing that God's justice has finally arrived to purge the world of sin and evil once and for all? If you are not sighing and crying over all the wickedness and evil we are witnessing in our world every day right now, chances are that your eternity looks rather bleak and hopeless. Just to be clear here: eternity lasts forever. Got it?

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