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The Ghislane Maxwell Trial and the Growing Awareness that Covid is a Scam are About to Collide

First, take the time (over 90 minutes, but well worth it) to listen to the following podcast that is VERY revealing!:

God (YHWH) has blessed me with the ability to see trends developing long before they emerge out into broad public awareness. This is one of those instances. What is beginning to develop is so huge and so powerful that no one can stop either one of these two trends from becoming widespread public knowledge within the next 6 to 9 months. That means that by early June to early September of 2022, it will become common knowledge that:

  • Jeffrey Epstein's and Ghilslane Maxwell's sex compromise operation, using underage girls to entice wealthy and powerful politicians, corporate chieftains, lawyers and celebrities to have sex with them, which were all videotaped to compromise, blackmail and own them, has reached epic proportions and touches virtually every rich and powerful person of influence in America and the United Kingdom, including the British royal family and the Vatican.

  • This sex compromise scheme was the work of some very devious and sick minds, almost all of whom identify as being Jewish.

  • This Jewish connection is going to have the effect of exposing every last one of the monstrous crimes against humanity that the Satan-worshipping Talmudic (fake) Jews are overtly and undeniably guilty of, down through the ages.

  • In this same time period, the mass deaths from the death jab bioweapons that I reveal and expose in my book, There is NO Virus!, for a non-existent virus and a non-existent disease are going to become so horrendous and so blatantly obvious that no amount of cover ups will effectively hide them from the general public, no matter how strongly deluded and deceived most of them are.

  • Nor will those guilty of promoting and colluding with the mass murder depopulation crime against humanity, at any level of American society, be able to hide from the public wrath and fury that is on its way and that will be directed at them.

  • Above all, it will be crystal clear within 9 months from now that God (YHWH) orchestrated all of this to fulfill His end times Bible prophecies and set the world up for the second coming of His son, Yahushua the Messiah and the end of the world, foretold in the KJV Bible for the last 2000 years.

What were some of the key revelations that Maria Farmer made in her podcast interview? Here are the ones I want to bring to your attention:

  1. She mentions Donald and Ivanka Trump several times. The fact that Ghislane Maxwell and Ivanka Trump frequently went out together in a limousine into NYC searching for underage girls to entice into Epstein's sex compromise operation reveals that the Trumps were heavily embedded in sex trafficking. I find this particularly illuminating, inasmuch as in my book, The Great Con: Solving the Mystery of Trump and Q Anon, I uncovered evidence on the online Wayne Madsen Report that Trump had paid out roughly $40 million to six minors with whom he had illicit sex from 1989 to 2012 when these minors were 10-13 years old; 3 were males and 3 were females. According to Wayne Madsen, this was common knowledge among high level GOP operatives with whom he spoke to corroborate his sources of information.

  2. She reveals that the insiders to Jeffrey Epstein's operation who had any power and influence were almost exclusively Jewish and manifested a disgust and hatred for whites and even more so for blacks. A sense of Jewish entitlement and Jewish racial superiority permeated her descriptions of what she witnessed and experienced.

  3. Just yesterday, I began reading Herve Ryssen's The Jewish Mafia: The Great International Predators, as part of the research for my next book, Solving the Jewish Question. Herve's following comment was illustrative of the problem we are witnessing throughout American society today: "The arrival en masse of Russian Jews on American soil (in the early 1900s) therefore seemed to have "enriched" America with a "different" type of people. In other words, the Jews, in general, were more inclined towards criminal activities than other people." This comment defines and explains the Jewish global elites, and particularly those affiliated with Jeffrey Epstein's sex compromise operation, in spades.

  4. The behaviors of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislane Maxwell and some of their upper level employees that Maria Farmer describes can only be explained as the manifestation of demon possession and psychopathy. The two are inextricably linked. I am absolutely convinced that this is almost a universal attribute and condition of those claiming to be Jews today and I fully understand why and how it happens. To grasp the reasons why, you have to have a mastery of the subject of spiritual warfare, infestation and possession, all of which I do. I wrote the definitive book on this subject, Spiritual Warfare in the Final Days of the End Times, in 2016 to educate God's elect on this little-understood subject that is so very crucial for grasping the depth and source of the evil and the deception that we are witnessing world wide today, and understanding what we can and should do about it.

  5. Maria's observations concerning the prior knowledge of the FBI of Epstein's activities and their lack of action over it reveals the true nature and mission of the FBI and the DOJ that oversees it. Both are fully ponerized organizations which exist to cover the crimes of their elite crime bosses. This is organized crime at its worst, which has been going on since the days of J. Edgar Hoover with the media endlessly covering it up. Make no mistake about that. Don't expect any government entity to do anything to protect the American people from harm. Why else do you think Americans, including liberals in Beverley Hills, are arming up? The only thing America's tyrants understand is a bullet between their beady little eyes. This is how organized criminals think and operate. Don't be fooled otherwise.

I have viewed YouTube interviews of insider whistleblowers from Illuminati families in America who were in a position to know that 100% of all U.S. Senators and 90% of all U.S. Congressmen are members of the Illuminati, which is a secret society that covertly controls the secret society of Freemasonry. That claim fits with and makes sense out of everything else I know and I have witnessed from our political processes over the last decade or so. Both organizations are controlled from above by a tightly and well-organized hierarchy and network of rich and powerful individuals, all of whom have sold their souls to the devil for a few short years of money, power, fame and status. These individuals have sworn blood oaths to come to the aid of their brothers and sisters of the cabal if arrested or prosecuted, regardless of their guilt or innocence. They use fear, terror, trauma and violence to control others. They are ruthless and without remorse for the evil and harm that they do to others. Retired NYPD police detective James "Jimmy" Rothstein reported on video that roughly 70% of the U.S. Congress is compromised by pedophilia. Surely the remaining 30% know all about it and are too fearful for their lives or the lives of their family members to say anything abut it. They're undoubtedly bought (with bribes) or compromised by other nefarious deeds of their own, that their globalist masters know all about.

If you have never encountered a sociopath or psychopath in your life, these concepts may seem too bizarre and extraordinary to be true. But having lived in and escaped from a demon-possessed family system that conspired to destroy me for much of my life, I can assure you that these behaviors are far more common than you would like to contemplate or consider. Psychiatrists estimate that 4% of our population are psychopaths. I believe this to be way too low a number. I would not be surprised if the real number was closer to 25-30% of the population and the percentage is probably closer to 100% for the billionaire class at the top of the globalist pyramid of power and money. The most brutal and ruthless rise to the top of any organization. They will stop at nothing to gain power over others.

Compounding this problem is an American population that has been thoroughly demonized. How a person becomes demonized is too big of a subject for me to go into here without confusing the purpose of this article. Demonization consists of being afflicted or infested with or possessed by demon spirits which take over a person's personality and cause them to behave in many bizarre and anti-social ways. Usually, once a person is demonized, it is not curable without making matters worse for the individual and for the community in which he or she resides. Only those who are of God's elect, as manifested by the fruit of the Spirit in them, which reveals that they are born again in the Spirit, have a reasonable chance of being cured of their demon affliction or infestation. Those with the Holy Spirit in them are owned by God and cannot be demon possessed; but they can be infested or afflicted by demons, who are very real. Once a person is demon-possessed, they are owned by the devil and are revealing that they cannot possible number among the few who are of God's elect.

Given an American population that is demonized, their demons lie to them constantly and keep them confused and confounded. You cannot reason with demons. You must bind them and silence these parasites and squatters first, before you can even begin to try to reason with the afflicted person. And most of the time they are so abusive and insulting, that few of us have any reason to try reasoning with them. Usually, the only viable solution is to walk away and have nothing to do with them ever again. This is the root cause of the extreme conflict and polarization we witness in American society today.

Compounding this problem is the widespread public ignorance of the spiritual realm and how it operates. Furthermore this ignorance is deliberate and intentional. If you don't know you even have an enemy who seeks to destroy you, how do you begin to defend yourself or better yet, go on the offensive to beat them? Simply put, without the pertinent knowledge, you cannot. This is a perfect example of what the prophet Hosea said in Hosea 4:6 and an illustration of what he meant:

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

I know of no subject in which this statement is more true than when it comes to the knowledge of the devil, demons, demonization, cleansing, deliverance and spiritual warfare. It is truly tragic. But there ARE things we can do to protect ourselves and those entrusted to our care from this very real harm. If you want to learn more, I urge you to get my book on spiritual warfare, read it, and follow my teachings in it to the letter to cleanse yourselves and your homes from curses, spells, incantations, hexes and vexes and the demons attached to them and to remove all legal grounds that any demons might have to return and mess with you ever again. I have done all of this with great success. So I know it works.

Returning to the coming cataclysm that I see, I urge you to share the video link from above to all those you know and urge them to do the same thing with their friends and contacts. I will keep an eye out for Part 2 of the interview with Maria Farmer and share it here when it comes out and I find it. Maria Farmer is a very credible witness. Nothing she reveals here seems out of place or suspicious to me, based on all that I know, which is a lot.

Secondly, we can all invest the time to become more knowledgable about the global sex trafficking of children and we should invest time to understand why the elites do it. 800,000 children disappear in America every year and 8 million children disappear worldwide. The vast majority of them are repeatedly raped by those seeking to become demon possessed by powerful demon spirits. For the perpetrators of these crimes, the more powerful the demons that possess them, the better, because the more powerful demon spirits that possess them torment the less powerful demons of those under their control. And the more hideous, ugly and cruel the crime, the more powerful the demons that they acquire. Once the kids have been savaged and destroyed, they are killed. Sometimes their organs are harvested. Other times their flesh is cannibalized and their blood consumed. Much of the time, these crimes are captured on video for blackmail and coercion purposes. Most participants never dare reveal their involvement in it to anyone outside of their satanic circles. If they do, most are murdered for it to shut them up and to send a warning message to others who might be contemplating testifying to authorities over it. Most of military intelligence, law enforcement and the court system are fully compromised by this vile crap today, making it hopeless to get anything resembling help, protection and justice from the FBI, DOJ or local sheriff or police departments. The rats and the snitches are everywhere. Welcome to the real world as it really operates. It hardly is Mayberry RFD, is it?

Meanwhile I have observed in the last few weeks a noticeably higher number of reports of sudden and tragic deaths from the death jabs and reports from honest doctors and scientists of integrity that have done extensive research into the contents of the death jab vials that is confirming everything that I report in my book concerning the harmful contents of the death jabs. Various governments are doubling down on their attempted tyranny, in response to this information leaking out. First Austria, and now Germany, have announced plans to make the death jabs mandatory (by February 1, 2022, in the case of Austria; I haven't read or heard a date by which Germany threatens to impose such a coercive measure). These are clear signs of desperation on the part of the world's global elites. It is do or die for them, quite literally. Those who have not submitted to the jabs yet are much better informed than their willfully ignorant cohorts who took the death jabs and they are likely to be well prepared and heavily armed when and if the goon squads try their campaigns of overt mass murder. So we are looking at a showdown with a rather imminent deadline a couple of months from now. I anticipate that the globalist cabal will have no viable choice other than to back down. We will see soon enough.

This video of a talk by David Icke came to my attention just this morning:

In it, David Icke, who has been writing about and exposing the global elite conspiracy and its workings and aims for over 30 years, articulates quite clearly how the end of life sedative, Midazolam, was administered to elderly patients in care homes in the UK in April of 2020 in a euthanasia and mass murder scheme to boost the number of deaths falsely attributed to Covid-19 at the time. David first alerted me to this evidence in September of this year in a prior video of his that I viewed, that was fully corroborated by UK funeral director John O'Looney, who witnessed scads of bodies of the elderly in care homes that he subsequently picked up and conducted funerals and cremations for in that same time period, which I reveal in my book as well. America's equivalent of Midazolam was the dangerous drug Remdesivir that causes kidney failure within 4-5 days of the onset of its use that causes patients to drown in their own bodily fluids, that were also mislabeled as Covid deaths. The finger prints of NAIAD Director, Anthony Fauci, are all over this American version of euthanasia and mass murder.

I write of this as well in my book, and more recently, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in his new book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, which sold 120,00 copies in the first week of December after it was released, that I am now reading, discloses the same criminal acts. These stories that are now leaking out and becoming part of widespread public knowledge is analogous to the proverbial cat being let out of the bag. TPTB will never be able to stuff the cat back into the bag. It's too late for that.

Naturally, as a member of the Kennedy family, one of the Top 13 bloodline families of the globalist Illuminati, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. does not dare go half as far as God and I do in our explosive and ground-breaking book to fully reveal the extent of the global elite conspiracy's existence, workings and aims. Nor as a lifelong godless Democrat will he ever invoke the notion of God into the equation, and he doesn't. But he does provide a treasure trove of facts, references and sources that expose the entire Covid charade to be the product of deep and rampant corruption and fraud that can only be knowing, willful and intentional and aimed at committing mass murder. So in a way, globalist insider Robert Kennedy is being used by the global elite cabal to stir the pot in order to generate further anger, fear, trauma and chaos in the peoples of the world and especially in Americans. Their motto is Ordo ab Chao, or Order out of Chaos. So they mistakenly believe that Kennedy's book will contribute to the chaos which will permit them to take over the world and impose their New World Order dictatorship. However, no one becomes a New York Times bestselling author unless his books have the full endorsement and approval of the cabal and appeal to the demon spirits in most people. The early success of Kennedy's latest book tells us that the cabal is secretly behind all of it. What they fail to grasp is that God is orchestrating all of this through them and they are totally clueless that they are being used by Him in this way.

God has already inspired His book (and mine) which puts all of Kennedy's selective disclosure of the facts into their full strategic and biblical context. So I wouldn't be surprised to see God lay low with our book for a few more months until several hundred thousand people have read and digested Kennedy's book and embraced many of its partial findings and conclusions. And then, Wham!, the combined effect of the global sex trafficking scandal that is the the process of exploding into the public's consciousness, led by the Ghislane Maxwell trial and whistleblower testimonies surrounding it, combined with the discrediting of establishment science, medicine, Big Pharma, the public health regulators who are the subjects of "regulatory capture" by the drug cartel that they are intended to protect us from, universities, public schools, hospital administrators and worst of all the lying mainstream media and Big Tech social media, all of whom are being proven to be knowingly and willfully colluding with one another to murder the American public is likely to quickly run away from them and be impossible to contain and silence any longer.

The global organized criminal conspiracy and racketeering is so pervasive and all-consuming, that no man or group of men could possibly overcome it, and the members of the cabal know this with confidence. What they don't know however, will literally kill them all. They don't know YHWH, the God of the KJV Bible, whom I know intimately, personally and directly. He is separate from and more powerful, brilliant and wise than His entire creation put together, and He has been running this shit show all along and all the pieces on the chess board are now in place. Together, we have a front row seat as this all unfolds, and I am honored to be your narrator to it. We are witnessing the story of a lifetime about to unfold!

By the time this story is finished, you will be stunned and amazed beyond words that one lone man living in the rural mountains of southeastern Idaho was able to figure all of this out before it happens. This story was never about me. it was always about YHWH and Yahushua and their awesome power, brilliance and might! Soon, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Yahushua (His name is NOT Jesus!) is Lord of lords and King of kings, and that Yahuwah (YHWH) is His Father, the creator of us all. Life was never at all about once we once thought it was. It is WAY bigger than that!

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