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The Demon-Possessed Psychopaths and Mass-Murdering Pathological Liars are on Full Display Today

The link above to an article posted yesterday (December 6, 2021) on Global Research's website reveals that Ursula Van Der Leyen, the Chief of the European Union (EU) Commission, is calling for the violation of the 1947 Nuremberg Code so that the Satan-worshipping Talmudic Jewish global cabal can mass murder all those daring to stand against the tyrannical and fraudulent experimental gene therapy drug trials (a.k.a. bioweapons) deliberately mislabeled "vaccinations." The time for pretending that these demonized and vicious criminals have any legitimacy and ought not to be arrested and publicly executed for treason and crimes against humanity without further delay are over. It does not get any clearer than this.

It's down to us or them. I say, let's take them out with overwhelming violence and physical force and do it NOW without further delay! You cannot reason with vicious psychopaths: you must kill them before they kill you and those entrusted to your care and protection. Every protective, masculine man knows this. The world has become completely lawless and all institutions entrusted with enforcing what were once moral laws have been compromised and totally corrupted from within. There are no legitimate leaders or institutions worthy of any of our trust and confidence ever again. The vast majority of mankind have proven themselves to be selfish liars, brute beasts and abject and immoral cowards who will go along to get along with evil every time. We have the governments we all deserve, because the root of this problem falls on us collectively. We all tolerated that which was deviant and depraved for far too long. If we had any wisdom at all, we would have tolerated none of it starting in the early 1960s when the Jewish global cabal who hijacked our world ramped up their attacks upon the rest of humanity in their campaign of unending hatred for the rest of humanity. And we stood by and let them do it. It's all right there in their written plans from the late 1950s. They did nothing to hide it from us. They knew that we were collectively too stupid and too mind-control programmed and brain washed to ever do anything about it.

The most shocking part of this objective reality is that Yahuwah, (YHWH or God of the KJV Bible) Himself orchestrated all of this through all of us to prove His power, might and godly wisdom. Man, apart from God, is a vicious and cruel animal ruled by carnal lusts and unending greed and selfishness. We sowed the wind with our endless sins and we are now reaping the whirlwind of our collective and societal folly for it. These days are manifesting the very same symptoms and behaviors which were commonplace in the days of Noah, right before God destroyed all but eight humans in the flood for mankind's wickedness and unending violence. History has come full circle and is repeating itself for a final time before God burns it up with scorching fire and searing heat. And who can honestly blame Him? Frankly speaking, if I were God, I would have done it long ago. It's utterly hopeless without God guiding our every thoughts and actions. That's the message and the lesson God is teaching us here today. At any moment, we can safely expect Yahushua the Messiah (Christ) to return in His second coming to gather the elect to Himself in the clouds with power and great glory, and to burn up everything else. It's all right there in the script of God's word, the KJV Bible. But most people chose to dismiss or mock it. Because they have a death wish and a profound hatred for the truth and for God. Well, let their wishes be fulfilled. Let's get this horror show and nightmare over with!

Remember this: There is NO Virus! I have proven this in my book of this title. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. All it took was an honest man of boldness and courage who cared about his fellow man enough to do the right thing and lay out all the pertinent facts and simple logic that we were being hideously lied to by some very evil and sick people. But most of humanity chose to keep on ignoring the facts, evidence and logic and play along with the evil con game. Now the chickens have come home to roost. What's your next move? I would submit to you that unless you fear God, keep all His commandments and trust Him fully, you are totally screwed. As for me, I serve the Lord Yahuwah and Yahushua without qualification, hesitation or reservation and am totally devoted to them. How about you? It's decision time. Don't blow it. Eternity lasts forever.

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