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The Big Picture to World History and to All of Life: What it all Means

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

This last weekend, I re-read for the third or fourth time the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to remind myself of what the Talmudic Jewish and Zionist global elites, who worship Satan, have been planning for centuries right here at the end, before they think they will usher in their Orwellian vision for a New World Order global surveillance and police state from hell that Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, now calls the Great Reset. They are all totally delusional!

If you've never read the Protocols, you should obtain a copy and do so. In fact, every non-Jew on earth who seeks to be become truly learned, well-educated and wise ought to have read and become very familiar with this document that the Jews allege to be a forgery. However, a forgery merely means an unauthorized copy. It in no way means that its contents are not accurate and true. In fact, the Protocols are the blueprint for global conquest that the Jewish leaders have been using for centuries to take over the world and they accurately describe and explain the developments that we all have witnessed our entire lifetimes that these Jewish elites have been orchestrating behind the scenes to bring about a complete collapse of western civilization and society. Today, only a person in abject denial of the obvious would assert that we are not all witnessing the destruction of every institution and all moral principles which have governed the alleged "free" West for the last 250 years or so.

It all seems quite bleak and hopeless and spiritually very dark. At least this is true for anyone who does not know YHWH (God of the KJV Bible) deeply, intimately and personally, as I do. I freely concede and admit that I sit in a privileged seat and vantage point at this time in world history that is unlike any other. I can see things that few other people can see. Not because of anything intrinsic to me, but only because YHWH has chosen to reveal these things to me at a time when it appears we are witnessing countless blind men groping at an elephant trying to determine what sort of a beast they have encountered together, and it is obvious that they all don't have a clue. This is because none of them have the correct paradigm or worldview to make sense out of a world that has gone stark, raving mad -- as in insane.

In recent weeks, I have witnessed a number of examples in which apparently normal and intelligent people have revealed themselves to me to be so intellectually dishonest with me and with themselves that it is staggering. I grew up and obtained an education and formal training as a general manager or Chief Executive Officer in which I mastered how to gather pertinent evidence and facts as clues of what might be the root causes of a particular general management business problem, discerning between the vital few pertinent facts that mattered and drove the problem to be solved, and the trivial many facts and data that did not, and to then formulate a strategy, plan and decision as the CEO of the company in question of what to do about it. I have applied those same skills to the world we live in, because I can see that things are heading into a global abyss of biblical proportions.

All my natural instincts are wired to save the day and change the world for the better, using my considerable intellectual and leadership gifts to do so. But in the last eleven years of researching the global elite conspiracy and its many obvious links to the recent fulfillment of what are today eleven end times Bible prophecies that I have personally witnessed being perfectly fulfilled, I know my diagnosis and assessment to be flawless and right on the money. The consequences for humanity are disastrous and horrible beyond words. And I see the vast majority of humanity acting like deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming freight train. They are frozen and incapable of intelligent thought, reasoning or action to save themselves, no matter how simply and clearly I communicate the problem set to them. I am witnessing the Twilight Zone on steroids!

The simple truth is that the vast majority of mankind are blind and wicked fools who are incapable of thinking strategically and coherently for themselves or for those entrusted to their care. If the lemmings are stampeding toward the edge of the cliff and falling to their deaths on the sharp and jagged rocks below, well then, let's do what the rest of the lemmings are doing, shall we? This is the story that is unfolding here and YHWH (God) has used the devil-worshipping Talmudic Jews as His tools of choice for centuries to bring concealed evil into our lives to test a few of us, and to destroy the rest of humanity alive today.

So, as a gifted and brilliant analyst and strategist in this unfolding scenario of world history that the Bible has foretold for many centuries, what is the answer? How do I, or anyone, solve it? There is only one answer: trust God fully. He has made the world so confusing and such a mess by His predestinated plan and design. This world gone mad will never recover what once passed for sanity. Because God is orchestrating it this way for His greater purposes that selfish, deceitful, sinful and depraved mankind, that has no interest in knowing God as He is, and submitting to His greater knowledge, wisdom, insight and power, and is incapable of ever grasping. They will go to their deaths totally clueless as they have lived their short, miserable, meaningless lives: clueless about what is important in life and what is not.

The Protocols tell a story of a group of people, a religious cult of devil worshippers, who are demon-possessed psychopaths and pathological liars, who are blinded by their abject pride and willful ignorance and who will do whatever it takes to acquire ultimate power over everyone who are not as they are, or to kill them, and they will do so through deception: endless lies, cruelty and violence. Then, just before the stroke of midnight in this story (history or His story), YHWH will lower the hammer of truth and His limitless wrath and power on these vile cretins and destroy them and their useful idiot minions forever. What's the moral to the story? Fear God, keep all His commandments and trust Him in all things. Above all stand for truth, righteousness and protect and defend those incapable of defending themselves from evil.

Because, you see, God is the source of everything: both the light and the darkness, both peace and evil, and He will be exalted and glorified for it for all eternity:

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD (YHWH) do all these things." Isaiah 45:7

YHWH has spoken yet again. and I am His prophet. Ignore these words of wisdom at your eternal peril.

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