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Russia Gives Notice of Consequences to Nations that Supply Weapons to the Ukraine

Based on the two articles, whose links appears here, Russia has announced to NATO, the U.S. and other "unfriendly nations" that "the decision has been made" as to what to do about it from Russia's end: (The Decision Has Been Made" (Video), April 28, 2022) (Putin threatens ‘lightning fast’ retaliation if nations intervene, CNBC's Holly Ellyatt, April 28, 2022)

Based on the article, Russia is repeating its irritation that countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and other NATO states are supplying weapons to the Ukraine in the United States' and NATO's little-concealed proxy war with Russia that threatens to erupt into World War III and the use of nuclear weapons. Clearly, the United States is provoking Russia in multiple ways, trying to entice them to direct weapons at one or more NATO states that would serve as the pretext and excuse for the United States and other NATO member states to come to their "defense." There are no public signs that the United States has any other objective than to instigate an all out war with Russia and there is extensive evidence that the United States has been setting up the chess board since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 to dismantle Russia and steal its rich natural resources, while feeding the insatiable hunger of America's Military Industrial Complex (MIC) for weapons spending and mass ritual human sacrifice.

The above video confirms my assessment of the United States being behind the sinking of Russia's flagship in the Black Sea, the Moskva, through covert means that enabled the U.S. and NATO to orchestrate the launching of Ukrainian MIG bombers out of one or more Romanian air fields after the Ukrainian Air Force was decimated by Russian military forces in the first two days of fighting. Poland's Prime Minister has publicly admitted supplying multiple MIG aircraft to the Ukraine along with anti aircraft and anti-tank heavy weaponry. All of these actions are clearly being coordinated and orchestrated by the United States. In short, the U.S. is baiting Russia to attack their proxies so that their demonizing propaganda machine can paint Putin and Russia as the devil incarnate. This is how the U.S. instigates all the wars it perpetrates.

So far, Russia has demonstrated commendable, but understandable, restraint in the face of America's demon-possessed psychopaths who are itching for a fight. Unless God intervenes rather soon, Russia is likely to find itself trapped by a dangerous adversary whose military expenditures are over 10 times that of Russia:

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Military Expenditures (2020): [1]

  1. United States - $778 billion

  2. China - $252 billion [estimated]

  3. India - $72.9 billion

  4. Russia - $61.7 billion

  5. Untied Kingdom - $59.2 billion

  6. Saudi Arabia - $57.5 billion

  7. Germany - $52.8 billion

  8. France - $52.7 billion

  9. Japan - $49.1 billion

  10. South Korea - $45.7 billion

Combining the military spending of the U.S., U.K., Germany and France comes to $942.7 billion. Russia's military spending is thus a mere 6.5% of these four NATO nations' military spending. Moreover, it is crystal clear to all parties that the United States possesses undisclosed military weaponry, including Direct Energy Weapons, demonstrated in the dustification of the Twin Towers as part of 9/11's inside job and false flag attack, that served as the pretext to launch the unending and fraudulent war on terror. It is quite likely that given the United States' vastly superior military spending for years, that it possesses other apocalyptic weaponry that Russia may not even know about, that could handily wipe Russia off the face of the map. So we are witnessing a massive game of chicken that has draconian implications for all of humanity unless God steps in at the last moment to put a halt to all of it. Now you know what to pray for. I suggest you join me in doing it.

Now, to add further danger to this puzzle, check out this report: (Here’s why Russia was forced to invade Ukraine, April 27, 2022)

If the claims made in this report are true, as I suspect they are, the United States has been funding a Deep Underground Military Base and bioweapons laboratory in the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol, Ukraine directed against the people of the Donbass and western Russia for a number of years. It appears to be the smoking gun that Russia needs to capture and expose for all the world to see the abject criminality of the United States against the innocent peoples of the Donbass and western Russia. Those who run this nation as puppets and their Talmudic Jewish puppet masters are demon-crazed monsters of the highest order! It is likely that before the Russians can capture these facilities, that some sort of demolition and mass suicide will occur to destroy all the evidence of it. If exposed for all the world to see, this could be a game changer. So pray for this too.



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