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Roe v. Wade: It's Time to Rethink Rights v. Responsibilities, Duty and Decency

As a general rule, I am no fan of any Talmudic "jewish" rabbi, because they all adhere to and teach the hideous, vile and immoral teachings of the Babylonian Talmud to their communities of Turko-Mongolian Khazar imposters posing as Jews, and falsely claiming that their immoral community of devil worshippers are God's chosen people, which they most emphatically are not. However, the following confession of a rabbi concerning the deep errors of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that has been responsible for the murder of over 60 million American unborn children since the 1973 SCOTUS decision deeply touched my heart and troubled my sprit. Here is his thoughtful article: (Time to Rethink Roe v. Wade, by Michoel Green, May 11, 2022)

We are about to enter a season of extreme animosity as demon-possessed women who demand the unfettered right to murder their unborn or infant children under all pretexts direct their venom and hatred against truth, morality, God and Bible-believing followers of Yahushua the Messiah, leading up to the 2022 mid-term elections in November. It is time for real men to stand up and support and advocate for the repeal of Roe v. Wade in the strongest of terms.

Why men? What do abortion "rights" have to do with men?!? Much more than you may realize. To illustrate this point, I need to share with you a story. It happens to be my story that has deep emotions attached to it. Permit me explain.

Thirty years ago, I learned that my wife Barbara was pregnant for the third time. I was 38 years old at the time and both surprised and upset at the news. We already were the parents of two sons and as a numbers guy (a CFO), I quickly did the math and figured out that I would be over 60 by the time this third child would be ready to leave our nest and that it would cost me a great deal more (approximately $250,000 per child) to raise yet another child. At the time, I was not a follower of Christ, I was an agnostic and unduly influenced by the culture. It was in this context that I asked Barbara to consider having an abortion. She responded by telling me that she could not get the notion out of her head of her arriving in heaven to find a little soul coming up to her and asking her, "Mommy, why didn't you love me enough to have me?" Barbara told me that she could not bear to carry that burden with her for the rest of her life and I instantly recognized that the die was cast. I would never allow such a burden of torment to be put upon anyone, especially not upon my own wife, whose well-being I was responsible for. Our daughter, Megan, was born in early 1993, twenty-nine years ago.

I was always a devoted and loving father to all three of my children. Since I did not have any sisters, the notion of raising a daughter was entirely new ground for me, but I delighted in it. Megan was an avid and beautiful competitive swimmer, and an accomplished actress in drama for her four years of high school. And I was always there to cheer her on. For her first three years of high school, she would almost always call me at work and ask when I would be home so that she could do her homework with me. She was a consistent straight A student; she didn't need my help with her homework. She just wanted the protective arm of her loving father over her shoulder as she did her homework as we sat on the living room couch together. And I was flattered that she took such delight in my company and my quiet strength and protection as her loving and good dad.

When Megan was ten, I gave my life to Christ and began to seek to live my life in complete obedience to God in all things. I began to read the Bible every night and to live it out in all I did. Little did I understand at the time what disruption that would bring to our entire family. Over time, my walk of godliness and integrity revealed to me that Barbara and her family were fake Christians and frauds and as people vastly less accomplished than I was academically, they mocked me as some sort of unsophisticated Neanderthal for actually believing what the Bible said. Their combined disrespect toward me became a real bone of contention for me, but I had no clue how to fix it. So it continued for years as I went deeper and deeper into my faith. I became the family pariah and I knew it. But I refused to yield or change.

Ultimately, when Megan was nineteen and a freshman at UC Davis who was home for a visit over spring break in March of 2012, ten years ago, she and her mother conspired to disrespect, dishonor and anger me so that I would get angry and push Megan on the shoulder and yell at her and that was enough for Barbara to abuse the legal system and place a call to the local sheriff's office accusing me of domestic violence and battery. It's a common ploy that women in Marin County, California use to trap their husbands and throw them out on their ear by bearing false witness against them, accusing them falsely of domestic violence and alleging fear for their physical safety, that the corrupt and immoral court system is only too happy to accommodate, support and enable to beat the shit out of good, noble and honorable men. That's how you destroy the traditional family and society with it. I was just one in a long string of statistics of injustice and lies.

Within four months, I had an unjust five year restraining order slapped upon me by the courts that barred me from speaking to Barbara or my three adult children or from coming within 100 years of my former home for that period of time. Before then, I had filed for divorce from Barbara for her having emotionally and relationally deserting me long before. Our 33 year largely loveless marriage was coming to its long-overdue end.

I have not spoken to or seen Megan or any of my former family for a decade or more. I am certain I will never see them again, at our mutual choice. I certainly want nothing to do with them ever again. Over time, I figured out that God's Holy Spirit of righteousness and decency in me tormented the hell out of the wicked and cruel demon spirits which infested or possessed all four of them. What happened to me was predestinated to happen by a sovereign and all-powerful God, YHWH, whom I serve and seek to bring delight to.

In light of this sad and unfortunate story, you might think that I wish that Megan had never been born; but you would be dead wrong. I loved being the father of a daughter who I delighted in comforting, affirming and protecting. I discovered a tender and protecting spirit in me that I did not discover when raising my sons. I became a better and gentler man for the experience. And I am eternally grateful for that.

Today, I live alone with my 15 year old female Maltese-Yorkshire terrier Matti, whom I inherited from my second wife, Marsha, who deserted me over 18 months ago, for much the same reasons as my first family deserted me and threw me out of my home in California a decade ago. Matti is my biggest fan, and I am hers. She too brings out a gentleness, tenderness and protective spirit in me that was always there, but she brings it out in me. She knows instinctively my good heart. This was God's plan for me all along. I have no regrets. I am at peace with it, as I await Yahushua's imminent second coming. I am hoping for a do-over in heaven in the family department, if that is God's will for me.

Back in California, I knew many self-professed and nominal Christian men who had conceived children with their girlfriends who were subsequently aborted. For reasons I won't go into here, I had reason to conclude that virtually all of them were infested with or possessed by one or more demon spirits because of their sins of child sacrifice that they actively or otherwise committed in by virtue of fathering those children. Many of them were still pretty broken over what they had done. None of them had stepped up and done the right thing to stop these murders of their own children when they were younger. None of them bore the responsibility, duty and decency of authentic, godly masculinity and manhood to stand for righteousness with their girlfriends with whom they committed fornication and conceived children from it.

We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, as Romans 3:23 tells us quite clearly. That's not the point. The point is that at some point in all of our lives, we have a duty to ourselves, to God and to those entrusted to our care to confess and repent of the wrongs we have done and begin doing that which we know to be right:

"The sacrifices of God (Eloah) are a broken spirit: a broken and contrite spirit, O God (Eloah), thou wilt not despise." Psalm 51:17

This is the time for all America to step up and defend the rights of the unborn: those who are defenseless to defend themselves from the abortionist's scalpel. We owe it to the unborn children, we owe it to their mothers, and we owe it to ourselves. Man up, America!! The hour is late and God demands righteousness, duty and honor from you!! If not now, then when?!? What will it take to get you to do that which is so obvious and so long overdue?!?

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