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Reflections on Quote #2 re Deviant Behavior

"Deviant behavior, left unchallenged, becomes the accepted norm." -- Aldo Leopold

This quote appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle in around 1991 and I have made it a vital part of my arsenal of truth ever since then. I posted these words next to my desk when I was the Chief Financial Officer of a troubled high tech company turnaround that I joined in 1991 and remained with until late 2000. We turned that company around and took it public in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in October of 1996 and I found this quote invaluable to me in reminding me that as the keeper of the numbers and the spirit of that company, I had to remain vigilant in challenging deviant behaviors whenever they reared their ugly heads, as they did on almost a daily basis throughout my tenure there. Simply put, any organization, including families, companies, nations and civilizations have a culture and set of norms or values that change over time toward the deviant, without vigilant leaders in place who know this principle of organizational behavior and who nip all deviant behaviors in the bud by challenging and punishing them before they become the values, or accepted norms of that organization.

Today, in late 2021, we are witnessing a world in which all forms of deviant behavior are being promoted relentlessly by a media controlled by global elite Talmudic Jews and their Freemason lackeys, all of whom serve the devil, the father of lies and the destroyer, to destroy humanity. None of this is the least bit accidental. It is all part of a decades, if not centuries, old plan to create chaos to destroy the old world order so that their vision for a New World Order Communist global surveillance police state from hell can be erected upon the ashes of Western Civilization. Historian W. Cleon Skousen, in his 1958 book, The Naked Communist, documents ( on pages 259-262) the 45 goals of the Communists (Communism is a Talmudic Jewish and Illuminati invention) in the 1950s, virtually all of which have now been achieved. Each goal was intended to undermine and rot the West from within through a decades-long program of gradualism and incrementalism, in which few people would object because each change would seem so minor and inconsequential, but which combined together, would create a society and a demonic mob given over to selfishness, fear and endless deceit, which would be easy to control and manipulate by our self-appointed globalist Talmudic Jewish masters who have secretly taken over the world.

So the world's puppet masters, all of whom have sworn oaths of loyalty to one another on the pain of death if they violate their vows, have been directing the media, Hollywood and their political puppets, all of which they own and control, through bribes and threats of physical harm or public disclosure of their own compromising behaviors, changes that undermine the three main targets of Communism that Karl Marx laid out in his 1848 book, The Communist Manifesto, namely: eliminate private property, destroy the traditional family and undermine Christian morality and values. This same agenda is laid out in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which the Talmudic Jews seek to conceal from public knowledge by dismissing it as a forgery, which does not at all mean that it is inaccurate; it only means that it is not an authorized document by the criminal elements which control our society and world today and don't want you to know about its existence. Frankly, it ought to be required reading for every non-Jew on earth today because it fully explains and reveals the game plan of these evil and very cunning and devious monsters who unabashedly seek to destroy the rest of humanity.

Today, we are living in the final stage of their demonic plans, that Yahuwah (God) is orchestrating to bring about His perfect predestinated plan for His elect, for His ultimate glory, honor and praise. The demon-possessed psychopaths and pathological liars of the global elite conspiracy, that is rooted in the worship of Lucifer or Satan, understand none of this. They are totally clueless that God has been using them for centuries as His tools to bring about evil that those of us of His elect would be tested and proven by:

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD (YHWH) do all these things." Isaiah 45:7 (Bold face added for emphasis)

His ways (the ways of the wicked) are always grievous; thy judgments are far above out of his sight: as for all his enemies, he puffeth at them." Psalm 10:5 (Parenthetical added for clarity)

One of those tests, which God is now directing, is to teach a few of us to stand up to the evil He has created, to challenge and expose it for what it is and to teach others the harm that all forms of evil and deviancy bring to everyone in a society or community. That is why today I am being censored and silenced by Facebook for my 30th time, for a total of 777 days since early 2016, for exposing and challenging the Talmudic Jew for who and what they are and always have been: the chosen people of Lucifer, aka the devil. The lies of those who are evil cannot stand in the face of a relentless exposure of the truth and the globalist psychopaths know this, and that is what is at the root of their rampant censorship of anyone and anything that challenges and defies their sick agenda at this eleventh hour right before the second coming of Yahushua (Christ) and the end of the world in scorching fire and searing heat occurs. So the key to opposing all forms of evil and deviancy is to challenge it boldly, loudly and relentlessly, as this quote reveals.

Challenges can come in many forms. In the case of one of my prior companies I worked for that I mentioned above, one of my employees brought to my attention an illicit drug dealing operation in the company during my first week as their new CFO and Vice President of Finance and Administration. I brought this to the immediate attention of my friend and CEO and my fellow company executives and we hired a private investigative firm to gather evidence for a year and then fired a dozen employees and managers who were complicit in the operation and changed our company policies thereafter, banning any employee from possessing, selling, using or buying drugs or alcohol of any kind during normal work hours or on the job. My CEO, VP of Operations and I were sued by the Material Manager who was the ring leader of the drug dealing operation at that company. On the first day of jury selection, the other side dropped their case when we revealed to them that we knew that they knew they didn't have a case and that we were going to come after their client's assets for malicious prosecution if they lost their case. They folded in less than ten minutes.

In another instance, my Human Resources Department discovered that a long-time male employee had been sexually harassing and intimidating multiple female employees for years with impunity. I fully backed my HR director to fire his sorry ass and to communicate throughout the company that such conduct would not be tolerated ever again. In yet another instance, an older female general accountant thought she could dictate to me what she would and wouldn't do to ensure the integrity of the financial reports that I was ultimately responsible for. We invited her to leave the company and found a way to motivate her to make that wise decision with a suitable financial incentive to her that had the effect of ridding my operation from an employee with a cancerous attitude. In the case of the Controller who I inherited, who was gunning for my job, his own Payroll Clerk brought to my attention that he had falsified his own vacation request which gave the me the ammo I needed to fire him on the spot and get rid of yet another lying and undermining creep who was creating a dysfunctional accounting operation, whose financial numbers were highly suspect, that I refused to tolerate. Lastly, I had inherited an older Swiss man who was very knowledgable about the company's structure and history, but who was resisting taking directions and his priorities from me. We solved this problem by pointing out that he was not a fit with the new agenda that I was imposing and offered to set him up as an independent consultant and roving trouble-shooter with our company as his first and sole client to start with. This had the effect of convincing him that it was in his financial best interest to meet the objectives of his client, if he wished to sustain the payments we were making to him.

The combined effect of all of these challenges of mine was to put the entire company on notice that if anyone did something dishonest, dangerous or unethical, they were no longer welcome there. For years before I arrived, the company was generating loses and performing poorly and was a broken management-led leveraged buyout when my CEO and I arrived to turn it around and take it public in an IPO, which we subsequently did. But it took five years of hard work to weed out the bad apples and reseed with good apples and to change the company's culture to one capable of and effective at winning in the marketplace. For the first six months of my tenure there, I developed a reputation as someone who you didn't want to meet with in my office, or otherwise you might be gone. It had the powerful effect of educating all of my employees that there was a new sheriff in town who was not someone to be trifled with or conned, whereas several of my predecessors had proven to be relative pushovers who let their employees manage and direct them, to their and the company's harm.

Similar principles apply in families and in nations or empires. In families, different types of family structures and power relationships exist at different times in the history of a civilization. In the west, we live in an era of what Yale Professor Carle Zimmerman refers to as the atomistic family in his 1947 book, Family and Civilization, in which the rights of the individuals in most families supersedes their duties and responsibilities to other family members. In such a social mess, the children in many families have more rights and power than the parents, and especially the fathers. And given the realities of human nature, in which all children are born as foolish, barbarian little savages of selfishness who need to be civilized, domesticated and corrected in order to acquire the wisdom of life, knowledge of what constitutes good social behaviors and knowledge of what are moral rights and wrongs, today's parents, and especially fathers, are at a decided disadvantage in raising healthy difference-makers for the next generation. The global elite social engineers fully know this and it is precisely why Communism seeks to destroy the traditional family, and men in particular, to keep the next generation wicked, foolish and easy to manipulate and control, by distracting them with endless meaningless pursuits and deviancies, with promiscuous sex that leads to demon spirit infestation and possession being foremost among them.

In the case of nations or empires, the globalist psychopaths have been aggressively introducing new deviancies into each new decade to gradually and progressively defile the West, starting in the 1960s when they knowingly and deliberately introduced sexual promiscuity, hallucinogenic drug use and the repetitious lyrics and the rhythmic, pounding beat of rock music into the American culture's Baby Boom generation, of which I am a part. All three of these practices result in demon spirit affliction, infestation and possession. That's why they did it. In the 1970s, they introduced the demonic philosophies of feminism into our culture which preyed upon a woman's pride and innate tendency to want to wrest power and control from men to unleash a war of the sexes that is wreaking havoc in marriages, families and society at large today with few avenues to effectively challenge its folly and destructiveness. The mantra of the feminist movement in the 1970s was "Women need men about as much as fish need bicycles," that was obviously a battle cry for hatred and war directed at men by young women given over to their foolishness and their unrestrained lusts for power and control in relationships of all kinds.

In the 1990s, the social engineers of the devil introduced the normalization of homosexuality, which inevitably leads to demon possession of those engaging in such acts, that Yahuwah (God) declares to be abhorrent to Him and an abomination. These demon spirits of homosexuality are usually extremely violent and angry, and we see that in our culture today. In 2015, same-sex marriage (the abomination that causes desolation, standing in the place of holy matrimony) became the law of the land in America and today we are witnessing the active promotion of transgenderism and the normalization of pedophilia, combined with aggressive censorship and silencing of anyone having the courage to challenge such dangerous perversions upon our society. And as we all might expect, all of these sick and twisted behaviors are now widely accepted by our foolish and clueless culture as normal, healthy and natural, when in fact, they are none of these things.

These are all tell-tale signs that we have entered the final days of end times Bible prophecy, in which evil is promoted as good and good is promoted as evil. The Old Testament of the Bible tells the story of the repeated backsliding of the ancient nation of Israel and of God fulfilling His promise to curse them if they failed to fear Him and keep His commandments, as their deviant actions clearly revealed. History repeats itself because God has been orchestrating and driving it all along and we are told in Ecclesiastes that there is nothing new under the sun: it's all been done before and been found wanting and has resulted in profound pain and destruction for many. These times are no different, except this time we are at the end of God's prophetic timeline in which He is on the brink of coming back to rescue His elect and to burn up everything else with searing fire and scorching heat and to put a permanent end to deviancy of all kinds, once and for all.

Every time in history in the past, God sent His prophets to warn the people of their sins (deviant behaviors) and to urge the people to confess, repent and turn from their evil and wicked ways and He would forgive them. And every time, the vast majority of the people of ancient Israel failed to heed the warnings of those prophets, and calamity came upon them and proved the prophets' warnings to be 100% trustworthy, reliable and true. Today, you are reading such a warning from a modern day prophet. The vast majority of humanity has failed to heed my many warnings over the past seven years and they will inevitably perish in their many sins and be judged by God worthy of the second death of eternal torment in the burning lake of fire and brimstone and I too will be proven 100% correct, just as my predecessors were. Will you choose to be one of them? I hope not. Only time will tell.

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