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Putting it all Together: The Madness will not End until God Acts to End it

Updated: Feb 4

I have been reading articles and watching several alternative media interviews this week that have hit me like a ton of bricks that I'm going to share with you here today. YHWH and I entitled our first book, Making Sense Out of a World Gone Mad, that I first published in early 2015 and is now in its sixth edition, as new information came to light. Little did I know then that we would witness the world become as irrational as it has become today. This is a very bad omen, folks!

Permit me to elaborate. Greg Hunter of interviewed Gerald Celente this week, who publishes the Trends Journal and is a frequent guest on Greg's show. Gerald does an outstanding job of bluntly stating things as they are, that can be found at:

As Gerald rightly states it at around the 19:30 mark, America is run by four crime syndicates:

  1. The bankster bandits

  2. The Military-Industrial Complex

  3. Drug dealers known as Big Pharma

  4. Big Tech

These criminals are stealing from the rest of us endlessly. Meanwhile, the Lying Legacy Mainstream Media (LLMM), owned and controlled by the fake Khazarian Mafia Jews, is pumping out absurd lies 24X7 and the brainwashed, indoctrinated and Covid-terrorized masses keep buying their lies and are incapable of coherent thought or focused action. This is a population that is ripe for the slaughter. Gerald is right when, at around the 18:00 mark, he states,

"If we don't change this, this is going to be the end of life on earth."

And yet, the only idea that Gerald can offer is to suggest creating a new third political party in what is an entirely rigged and corrupt political system in which the two dominant political parties are two wings of the same corrupt bird. All of politics is theater to distract you from what is really going on. Democracy is a sham and a con job from top to bottom, and we know it, or should, by now. There is no one of any honesty, integrity, wisdom or competence in any elected or appointed position of political power and influence in Washington DC today. So Gerald's lame idea is dead on arrival. The system is hopelessly broken.

Moreover, he mistakenly asserts that it is up to we the people to rise up and change the system. He doesn't fully grasp that we the people are terribly, terribly sick. We are incapable of helping ourselves. At one level he gets this; but at another deeper and spiritual level, he does not. I read and hear much the same prescription from other pundits and I shake my head at their profound folly. Life was never about us. It has always been about a holy, just, righteous, all-powerful God (YHWH) who controls all things, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. But carnal man cannot bear to hear this. So the madness continues until God orchestrates the final cataclysm and brings this world to a close.

Gerald goes on to identify three top trends for 2023 and why:

  1. The world is headed to World War III (something I have been saying for some time now)

  2. A meltdown in the Middle East (likely between Israel and Iran while the world is gearing up for war)

  3. A market meltdown

I think there is a good chance that trend numbers 1 and 3 will happen. I'm less confident about trend #2. In support of trend #1, according to Clayton Morris of, NATO admiral Robert Boward recently stated, "We (meaning NATO) are ready for a direct confrontation with Russia." This, and other similar public rhetoric from military and political leaders in the West, is reckless beyond words and will have the effect of steeling Russia's resolve to demolish what is left of Ukraine's military in the coming weeks and months. A direct confrontation between Russia and NATO forces, both of which possess nuclear weapons, will inevitably escalate to a nuclear confrontation, given that the West is ruled by demon-possessed madmen who are incapable of backing down once their Ukraine proxy is defeated by Russia. Anyone with half a brain ought to know this.

Next, I found the following article that explains how they are burying the bad news of the Covid psyop most interesting; I hope you do too:

In it, the author explains the concept of a limited hangout in which a few influential (and highly paid) journalists or intelligence operatives reveal and admit to a portion of the real agenda and operation of the Covid psyop, while cleverly concealing the real explosive parts of it (namely, the deliberate mass murder with bioweapons and conditioning the masses to obey and accept more draconian lockdowns to come in the future). The author asserts and explains that these thought shapers instinctively know precisely where the red lines are that they cannot cross or their careers are over. It's why they are paid the big bucks. This compares with researchers and writers like me who God has called to brazenly stomp all over every red line imaginable to expose the full truth, and we end up being marginalized, demonized, censored and ignored for it. It's how the system works because very few people are interested in the full truth. It is evil and wicked as hell. However, God is exposing all of this before He destroys it once and for all.

Most people I interact with today are deeply agitated inside. They know something big is coming and they're scared. So they play pretend and compartmentalize their lives so they don't have to think about these sorts of things. It's the psychological flight response when people have been terrorized and fed fear porn for the last three years of the Covid psyop. It's the only response they know to survive in these troubled times. This is why almost no one is talking about the forces that are leading the world over the cliff. Their notions of what should be done to reverse things are the result of incoherent thinking that fails to account for how the world really works and what's really going on at a spiritual level that is driving everything.

There is only one answer: trust YHWH fully in all things. This is what true faith looks like. It's one thing to say, "I believe in God." It's quite another to act in confidence that YHWH (God) is in control over all things and that He is orchestrating all of this chaos to lead a few of us to place all of our confidence in Him to shield us from harm and bring us through it. Frankly speaking, none of us have any other viable choice. There is no other way out of this quagmire of God's creation. But unless you know God intimately and personally, as I do, you will choose to go insane, jump off the cliff and perish on the rocks below. Moreover, God does all the choosing; we do none of it. So put that nonsense about man having free will out of your minds. No man has free will, apart from God's sovereign will that always trumps man's puny and limited will. Either that, or the Bible is lying; and I know that it's not. So do you.

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