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It's Time to Stop Playing Pretend that any Institution in America has any Integrity: None of them Do

Here we sit on the brink of eternity and countless people in positions of power and influence in America persist in playing pretend and doubling down on their endless deception. Honestly, it makes me sick to my stomach and it ought to have the same effect upon you. But for the most part, it doesn't, does it?

Here is the latest example of what I mean: (WHERE! THE! F*CK! IS! CONGRESS!? The COVID-19 "Vaccine Holocaust")

This article lays out in the simplest of terms what the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), that is maintained by the lying FDA and CDC, that is vastly under-reporting injuries from the bioweapon death jabs posing as vaccines, actually reveals. It is a smoking gun of evidence that any court of law, with any integrity to it in the least, would use to convict and sentence to death the perpetrators of the greatest crime against humanity in all of world history, namely the Covid bioweapon death jabs and the psychological terror campaign waged against the American people that accompanied it.

The data reported in this article from VAERS is undoubtedly understated, not by a factor of 10 or 100, but by a factor of 1,000 or more. Why do I say this? Because in 2010, a Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study that was commissioned by the CDC concluded then that the VAERS under-reported adverse events such that less than 1% of all such events were reported through it. That was a decade before the Covid psyop appeared on the scene, accompanied by huge financial incentives given to hospitals and to doctors to push the Covid con and huge psychological pressure put on nurses and doctors not to report adverse events related to the clot shots. Therefore, as a competent and accomplished former Chief Financial Officer of half a dozen companies over a 20+ year period, who holds an MBA with second year honors from the Harvard Business School from 42 years ago, I know with absolute certainty that what was formerly less than 1% of all adverse events reported 13 years ago, has to have eroded to less than 10% of that dismal 1% result. As such, today's VAERS results have to be reporting less than 0.1% of what is actually occurring, which fully explains all of the anecdotal stories and videos we all are witnessing of people collapsing and dying of unexplained causes that never happened prior to the introduction of the clot shots.

The article cited here asks the obvious question, Where the f*uck is Congress? But I ask an even more basic and fundamental question: Where the f*ck is anyone entrusted with the health and safety of the American people?!? And in response, all I see and hear is deathly silence across the board. From this silence, we can safely conclude that every institution, leader and health professional has criminally failed American society and cannot be trusted ever again, under any circumstances. And without a basic level of trust in any society, civil society inevitably breaks down and collapses in its inherent decadence, greed and depravity. This is what we are witnessing in what was once reputed to be the constitutional republic of the United States of America. The American Empire is collapsing right before our very eyes by the day. Frankly, from where I sit, good riddance: it needs to be destroyed. It is an utter disgrace to anyone with the least bit of honesty and integrity to him. Anyone who still plays pretend that America has any semblance of honesty, integrity and decency to it is strongly delusional and cannot be trusted.

There is only one explanation that makes any sense out of this nation and world gone mad. I have written about this explanation until I am blue in the face over the last decade. Almost everything I have predicted therein has already come to pass. Why? Because the sovereign God of the universe, YHWH of the KJV Bible, is very real and He is driving everything in fulfillment of His end times plan for all of humanity that is clearly laid out in the Bible. Every thought, person and circumstance that occurs in each of our lives finds its origin and first cause in God (YHWH). Each of our characters were uniquely crafted by God when we were being formed in our mothers' wombs. Between these two causes, God has been orchestrating every aspect of world history down to the most minute of details, for the last 6000+ years.

Now we are at the end. Denying it any longer is an act of complete insanity and strong delusion. Well over 99% of all of humanity alive today on earth insists on lying to and conning themselves and playing pretend that nothing is amiss. Yet here in the referenced article is the smoking gun and overwhelming evidence that this is not the case. It begs the question, Now what?

Look, I've been here. I know what I'm talking about. YHWH is informing my every thought and word. That's just a fact. I cannot and will not deny it any longer. The answer is found in the gospel of Yahushua the Messiah. There is no other way out of this monstrous mess: you must confess and repent for your many sins and turn your wills and your lives over to Yahushua as Lord, or you will perish. It's just that simple:

"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth (meaning, out loud) the Lord Jesus (Yahushua), and shalt believe in thine heart (in the very depths of your being, as evidenced by your subsequent actions) that God (Eloah) hath raised him from the dead (and promises to do for you too), thou shalt be saved." Romans 10:9 (Parentheticals added for clarity)

"Jesus (Yahushua) saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

What we are witnessing in our world and nation today is the undeniable evidence of the total depravity of man, in which countless millions of people are unmoved by the mass murder and genocide being perpetrated against the peoples of the world by the synagogue of Satan of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 and their useful idiots, which dutifully follow them in the promotion and distribution of the bioweapon death jabs. In the face of overwhelming evidence of their crimes against humanity, they are still perpetrating this fraud and doubling down on their monstrous lies and cruelty.

These are the actions of spiritually dead people. They are incapable of saving themselves, because spiritually dead people are incapable of such a thing. God (YHWH) must do it all as an act of His supreme grace and mercy. And as the Bible reveals, He only does this for those whom He has chosen individually as His elect, since before the foundations of the world, and written our names in the Lamb's book of life. Then, at some time in our lives, at a time and in a manner of His choosing, not of ours, He puts His Holy Spirit in us and orchestrates events so that we hear the gospel preached, we believe it, confess and repent of our sins and ask for HIs forgiveness, and are converted and saved through faith (trust) in Him alone. If we fear God and keep His commandments, as Ecclesiastes 12:13 teaches the wise, God will change us from the inside out. Yahushua is the only way to heaven and to God (YHWH). I know, because this is the journey that He has brought me through, through no merit of my own. He did it all, as an act of His mercy and grace that I did not deserve.

You are no different. So just do it. There is no other answer. If there were, I would tell you. You have no time to lose.

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