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How Propaganda is being Used Against us to Deceive all of us all the Time

I was led to read the following article this weekend, that I found very interesting:

I share it here because in it the author makes several interesting observations about which almost all of us are totally unaware that are playing a significant role in pitting various groups of people against one another (the old divide and conquer ploy) so that we never figure out that we all have a common enemy, who is the devil, the father of lies and the destroyer, who is hell-bent on all of our destruction and misery. Until we fully grasp this objective reality and figure out how to effectively oppose or block it, we are all largely powerless to live peaceful, serene lives of tranquility and righteousness. I don't know about you, but that is my fervent wish for myself and really for all of humanity. But sadly, I know that in this sinful world, my wish is not possible. That will have to wait for another day, in a new heaven and new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

But let's deal with the here and now that God is using to teach some of us how to deal with things like propaganda more wisely and more effectively.

Klark Barnes, the author of this article, rightly points out that in the so-called "democratic" West, propaganda used to be most evidenced as an intensive periodic practice that flared up in wartime, in political campaigns and following immense state crimes and false flag events staged by government actors, but that today we are all being blasted non-stop and it is no longer merely national, or multinational, but global. Moreover, the former intermittency of those awful crisis periods, with decades going by between one societal trauma and the next, has given way to a mind-numbing strategy of serial bombardment, with one cataclysm after another, or even sometimes one within another, as under openly totalitarian rule (which is what we are now almost totally under).

Simply put, the Covid crisis that began in 2020 has resulted in the peoples of the entire world being bombarded by an endless psychological terror campaign, quite deliberately, and bullied into locking down, masking up, social distancing and being subjected to virtue signaling ploys to encourage us all to voluntarily get jabbed (an thereby commit suicide) for the good of everyone around us. None of it has had the least bit of foundation in solid scientific truth, but only a small minority of humanity is capable of recognizing that simple fact. This observation alone, should make all of us pause and think very carefully about how, if at all, we respond to such an all-out psychological terror campaign.

And just as the Covid scam was beginning to unravel in late February of this year (2022), the Khazar Mafia propaganda machine dropped the Covid fear-mongering campaign 24X7, only to replace it with the "evil Russians and Putin are invading innocent Ukraine for no apparent or justifiable reason" lie. The fact that one psychological terror campaign was dropped so precipitously to be replaced by the Russia-Ukraine false narrative and nuclear World War III fear campaign ought to make any critically thinking person pause and realize that he is being badly manipulated and conned by some very evil and wicked people who clearly seek to harm him. Moreover a sane and clear thinking person must also ask himself, if these two alleged crisis are all orchestrated theater, what else is being orchestrated in a similar way that he is not even yet aware of?

As the author points out, both the corporate legacy and controlled opposition "alternative" media throughout the last nearly three years of the Covid scam has been very effective in dividing populations into virtue-signaling maskers and vaxxers and allegedly self-centered "anti-maskers" and "anti-vaxxers," thereby distracting both camps from the real issue, which is who is doing this to all of us, and why? Clearly, something is not at all right in Denmark, and few seem even capable of grasping this greater reality. Even for someone as fully awake and aware of the global elite beast system conspiracy in all of its nefarious manifestations as I am, I must confess that the psychological terror campaign and gaslighting being waged by the devil against all of us 24X7 is enough to make my head spin and to cause me to feel both agitated and angry at times. And that's just the point after all, isn't it? Sure it is!

Furthermore, Barnes is 100% correct when he asserts that the most effective way to expose and defeat all forms of propaganda is by revealing the truth boldly and relentlessly on all available media platforms and that since every winning propaganda drive depends on censorship to effectively silence its critics and tellers of the objective truth, all dissidents such as he and myself have been largely blacked out on social media, kept off the air by the fraudulent "free press," or cancelled by "woke" activists. This is why both he and I are posting our truthful writings on our own websites that get only limited followings and traction. All propagandists know that deviant behaviors, such as they are promoting, left unchallenged, become the accepted norm and the prevailing view of the objective truth. Censorship serves to eliminate all challenges to their monstrous lies, which as the German Nazis knew was the key to convincing their population of their huge lies, in order to manipulate and control them. The same thing applies equally to today's situation.

It's not easy or much fun to find ourselves under relentless attack by a cruel and deceitful enemy who will stop at nothing to silence us. Nevertheless, men of true courage and character will persist in the face of seemingly over-whelming opposition, because we know that in the end, the truth will always prevail and win. This is the story of the gospel of Yahushua the Messiah for the last 2000 years. In spite of relentless attacks to silence it, much of it coming from the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church of devil worshippers, the saints of God, of whom I am one, keep standing and keep fighting on for truth in a world of lies by the strength and the power of God's Holy Spirit working in and through us. Today, we stand on the precipice of the end of the world and the second coming of Yahushua the Messiah. We already know that the victory is ours because Yahushua defeated the devil and his endless lies on the cross of Calvary some 2000 years ago. He is our Lord and we follow in His footsteps and His example to oppose the darkness and the lies wherever we find them. Our enemies are fighting a vain and fruitless fight and we know it. They are already defeated. So we must press on.

So what's the bottom line on all of this? What can we take away from Barnes' observations regarding the use and the effects of rampant propaganda? Is the author's contention true that only when We the People finally know what propaganda is, and how it works, will we be free to live our lives and rule ourselves? I think not, and here's why, based on my own observations and challenged life experiences.

My rather advanced age of 68 years gives me a material advantage over anyone who is under the age of about 50 because that younger set has been so heavily bombarded with endless lies, indoctrination, gaslighting, mind-control programming, and sorcery and witchcraft (the latter two of which many are not even consciously aware of exist, much less how they operate) all of their lives, that they are helpless to defend themselves against the psychological terror campaign now being waged against all of us by virtually all media sources: the conventional one and the "controlled opposition" alternative media one. They both serve the same ultimate master; so don't kid yourselves otherwise.

First of all, I would submit and suggest that consuming media outputs from any media channel today exposes us to the risk of being intentionally deceived because literally everyone is lying to us all the time. Many of them don't even know it, but they are deceiving us if we let them, nevertheless. If this is true, and I am convinced it is, the safest strategy of all is to turn off all media sources and minimize our interaction with a society at large that has lost its collective mind. This is why I don't own or watch a television nor do I listen to and radio - ever!

This past summer, I largely turned off all media sources and drove buses for the river rafting industry in Jackson, Wyoming and diligently worked on my all-over tan. I could tell you that I was working on maximizing my absorption of Vitamin D, but let's get real. My real goal was to rest, relax and rejuvenate in nature away from the madding crowd. And it worked. It was a slice of heaven and I felt much more at peace, tranquil and serene than I had been feeling before.

Second, I have long known that the world is ruled by the devil, the father of lies and the destroyer. So I have long sought to withdraw as much as I can from the popular culture and throngs of other people, almost of all of whom have lost their minds. I will interact with them in a civil, kind, respectful and superficial manner; but I will not not open up and engage with those who I don't know very well until they have proven themselves repeatedly to be trustworthy and genuine to me. I seldom encounter the latter. That's just a fact. So I live largely alone and by myself and I prefer it that way. It's much saner and safer than the alternative.

Third, I spend time in God's word, the KJV Bible, every day and I talk with God throughout the day when I am by myself, which is often. I seek to be still and know that He is God, so I am listening intently for His thoughts and ideas that I know He is placing in my head that are intended to teach me something or to bless me. I know this in my case because I have a long-standing personal and intimate direct relationship with God the Father and Yahushua the Son, whom I seek to please and do their will(s) in all that I do and I know that I delight the Father. Sometimes God sets me up and leads me down paths that surprise me later. But so what? I always trust Him completely and he never allows me to be harmed. But He has allowed me to be hurt innumerable times, that has resulted in my becoming more wise, gentle and trusting of Him as time goes on. I learn things from those experiences that He is seeking to teach me. I know that God and His word, the KJV Bible, never lie, change or fail and that all men are liars. So trusting in any man is foolhardy, and so I don't. I may give people I don't know very well the benefit of the doubt initially, but I am always watching for signs that they may be conning or betraying me and if I see evidence of such a thing, I back away swiftly and never lower my guard with them ever again. I know a wicked fool when I see one.

God is the one and only God of truth. The devil, God's creation, is a liar and almost all men are liars. So why should we be at all surprised that propaganda is nothing but lies being used to harm us and to pit us against one another? We really shouldn't be surprised. But we often are, because most people are foolish and of the lie themselves.

So here's my conclusion on the whole matter of propaganda: It's going to be with us until the end of this world and the second coming of Yahushua which, as I've taught repeatedly, is now both imminent and certain. When the devil and all of his followers, including the first and second beast systems, are tossed into the burning lake of fire and brimstone by God and His angels, as Revelation 19 and 20 promise us they will be, only then will we have real victory over lies and the propaganda that is part of it.

Until then, I suggest that you follow my lead and disengage from all sources of media if you can. In my case, I still consume some alternative media products, because I use them to spy on and monitor what the global elites are up to, so I can figure out better where we are in God's prophetic biblical timeline. I'm watching for further signs that I can match up with Bible prophecy, that I can then share with you. But I challenge everything I see, hear and read against the grid of absolute, universal, absolute truth that God reveals to me in various ways. I corroborate what reports I encounter against multiple sources to test their likely veracity, and I strive to remain still and quiet to hear the still small voice of God who places insights into my head if I will only listen intently to Him.

If we do all these things, we will go a long way to finding that peace, tranquility and serenity that I talked about at the outset of this article that will keep the liars of propaganda from messing with us until Yahushua the Messiah returns in His second coming to put an end to this mess once and for all forever. I long for that day. How about you?

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