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Here's Why the Anglo-American-Zionist Axis is Damned

Yahuwah (God) is in the process of destroying the Anglo-American-Zionist Axis of Evil once and for all. What is now becoming increasingly clear to me is that the Jews of the Babylonian Talmud have completely taken over America and its institutions with an aim to totally destroy it in blind hatred for anything that is good, just, moral and right and that God is the one secretly orchestrating and allowing this to teach all the nations of the world that America's run of pernicious and perverse evil is coming to a conclusive close in a ball of eternal shame. To which I have to say that it deserves it!

Anyone who has read any of my six books which God and I co-authored knows that there is a global elite conspiracy that has been manipulating events behind the scenes for the bulk of man's 6000 plus year history on earth. Conspiracies are a common occurrence throughout history as a way for greedy and evil men to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of humanity. And since human nature is fundamentally depraved, selfish, greedy and deceitful, it follows that conspiracies would be the norm, rather than the exception, in most spheres of human endeavor and most times in history. And that appears to be the case.

According to Noah Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language, a conspiracy "is a combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement between two or more persons to commit some crime in concert; particularly, a combination to commit treason, or excite sedition or insurrection against the government of a state." Simply put, a combination of Talmudic Judaism, the Illuminati, Freemasonry and the Jesuit Order of Roman Catholicism have had a lock-tight grip on the the vast majority of wealth and power in the world since shortly after the founding of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776 by professor of canon law, Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria, Germany, whose founding of the secret society of the Illuminati was financed by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, an Ashkenazi Jew who was based in Frankfort, Germany. Within about a decade, the Illuminati had secretly infiltrated and taken over the secret society of Freemasonry. Their ultimate aim was, and remains, to take over the world by stealth and deception, to create a Jewish one world government and to run it as a global surveillance police state of despotism and brutality, with the Jews and their loyal followers ruling over the rest of humanity in a life of opulence and luxury, while everyone else serves them as slaves.

By 1786, through a fortuitous accident, the Bavarian government became aware of the Illuminati and their secret plans and ostensibly abolished them. But by then, it was too late, as their members took over the secret workings of Freemasonry and remained in hiding from the governmental authorities. Freemasonry is secretly a religion that worships Lucifer or Satan. But only those who have risen to the 30th to 33rd degrees of Freemasonry are allowed to know this. All those at the lower levels are lied to in order to keep them in the dark as to what is really going on. Most Freemasons join for the opportunities to make valuable business contacts, favoring each other at the expense of outsiders.

Many of America's founding fathers were Freemasons, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. The architecture and layout of Washington D.C., the nation's capital, is steeped in Masonic symbols of Satan worship, which endure to this day. For example, the Washington Monument is a 555 foot high obelisk, buried 111 feet deep, whose total length then equals 666 feet and which symbolizes the shaft of Baal, or the erect phallus of the devil. The dome of the Capitol Building symbolizes a womb and the shadow of the Washington Monument falls upon and symbolizes the impregnation of most of the major monuments of Washington D.C., ending up in the evening from the west casting its long impregnating shadow upon the dome of the Capitol Building to the east of it. The five-sided Pentagon, symbolizes the house of death; the pentagon is an occult symbol of great power and significance to those who practice the dark arts. Over the course of the last 246 year history of our nation, America has become increasingly powerful and increasingly evil and deceptive, while claiming loudly and boldly that it is just the opposite.

Today, America is an organized criminal enterprise of profound evil that defies most people's ability to conceive of or understand. I only became aware of it eleven years ago at age 57, and I was clearly led to it by God. My journey of discovery was all on my own with my devouring a number of books on the subject because I was profoundly motivated to understand a system that had been secretly whacking me all my life. I quickly discovered that almost everyone I knew was devoted to gaslighting me to keep me from digging further. But that only made me all the more determined to get to the bottom of it all and to figure out its greater strategic significance. Has I not been led by God on this quest, I would have never figured it out, in spite of my keen intellect and broad and deep education. Through a set of miracles, I figured out that the global elite conspiracy that I had discovered was revealing to me that we were living in the final days of the end times of Bible prophecy and that the global elite conspiracy was the manifestation of the metaphorical first beast of Revelation 13. I was witnessing a number of end times Bible prophecies being perfectly fulfilled right before my eyes. And no one was talking about it. That part was what was so bewildering and strange to me.

God revealed to me that He had called me as one of His watchmen on the wall in these final days of these end times and that He wanted me to write one or more books about what I had discovered to warn others of what's coming and why. That was nine years ago. I have since co-authored six books that God has inspired and I have written that talk about various aspects of this most significant and troubling time in all of world history. God willing, I have three more books in me to co-write with Him. In the course of this journey, I have been forced to go very deep in my relationship with God and to increasingly distance myself from the world that has increasingly revealed itself to be fake to me. In response, I have gone deep into reading and understanding the KJV Bible in its entirety. As part of that, I am now embarking on my ninth full read of the Bible from beginning to end. I am seeking to know God intimately and personally and to understand His thoughts and ways. I now live my life to do God's will in all things, and as I do so, I can feel His delight in me. The more I obey Him and bring Him delight, the more He reveals to me. It's just that simple.

So today, God revealed the following article to me:

The significance of it is profound. Because God is showing me that He plans to shame, disgrace and isolate America substantially for its evil and wicked ways that are simply ludicrous and that He is going to use Putin and Russia to do it, much along the lines of what this article lays out here.

All empires rise and fall according to some rather predictable patterns and in accordance with a timetable of roughly 250 years. America, at 246 years, is long in the tooth, and on its last legs. Like many empires which preceded it, America has become decadent, depraved, immoral and over-extended. Its currency, the petro dollar fiat paper money, remains the world's only reserve currency only because Saudi Arabia and most other petroleum exporting countries only accept payment in U.S. dollars, in exchange for the United States using its military to keep those nations' rulers in power. According to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, in fiscal 2020, America's military spending exceeded that of the next 11 countries combined, and this financial reality has some serious implications and ramification for how the United States conducts its foreign policy with other nations. In a nutshell, America uses its military spending muscle and global presence to intimidate and bully all other nations into submission with its increasingly outrageous and coercive demands. America is the New World Order's shakedown muscle and all other nation's leaders fully understand this. Since America went off being pegged to gold in 1971, the perceived value of the American dollar is primarily a function of its vastly superior military power, compared to every other nation on earth.

From my last blog article, you can see that American actions in the Ukraine for the past eleven years (since 2011) have become increasingly repressive and murderous. We can be reasonably certain that such actions and their likely repercussions were known and calculated to produce the response that Putin and Russia made recently to intervene in the Ukraine for humanitarian and national security purposes, when they did. In other words, none of this is any sort of surprise to those nominally in charge of American foreign policy. So what happened, happened when and how it did because it was planned that way.

The actions that the United States has taken so far with respect to the Ukraine and Russia are reckless and irresponsible to an extreme degree. The fact that few analysts and writers are calling them out on this reveals just how controlled our nation is in almost every respect, and woefully lacking in strategic critical thinking skills and independence. America's policies are designed to harm its European partners and drive a wedge between Europe and Russia in which Russia holds vast natural resources and agricultural output that Europe is a natural customer for. Faced with the option to continue to endure bullying by the United States, and allying itself with China, India, Brazil and other southern continents nations, Russia's choice seems painfully obvious: move as rapidly as possible to become independent of American influences and pressures. It appears that Russia made this determination a number of years ago and is prepared now to move much more aggressively to distance itself from American coercive pressures. The big loser in all of this appears to me to be the United States, whose debt is excessive, whose dollar is weak, and much of whose manufacturing base was intentionally outsourced to Mexico and China during the last three decades. The temptations of America's real rulers to stage one or more false flag attacks on America later this year seems to be very high to me. The most obvious one is to collapse the financial markets to create maximum chaos. The Jewish global elites desperately need some excuse to go hide in their underground bunkers before the American public wakes up to the deliberate collapse that our Jewish deep state rulers have planned for the rest of us. Something big and calamitous is coming. Of that much we can be certain. The big question for all of us is who benefits? From where I sit, the madmen Talmudic Jews who think they are running the show don't have a clue how much they've painted themselves into a box of their own making in a world in which God remains firmly in control over all things. It sure looks biblical to me!

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