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Heads Up! Looming Diesel Shortages Have Far Reaching Ramifications for Americans

Mike Adams of Health Ranger Report issued the following podcast yesterday that is well worth the time to listen to, as I have: (DIESELGEDDON - America's diesel supply on verge of catastrophic collapse, May 11, 2022)

America and the world are witnessing the planned and deliberate destruction of our nation's and world's energy and food infrastructures, masked as unintended consequences of other decisions made by the puppets and stooges of the global elite paymaster billionaire class. The goal is the destruction of humanity, on behalf of the billionaire class' god, Satan. It really doesn't get any more complex than this. But for the sake of clarity and thoroughness, let me take a few moments to explain what the implications and ramifications are of a looming diesel shortage in America, as Mike fully explains in this podcast.

First of all, diesel supplies on our east coast are at the lowest that they've been since the early 1990s, according to at least one report, just as we are about to enter the heavy driving summer season. The reasons (excuses) given for this are twofold: 1) a large diesel refinery in Philadelphia experienced a large explosion in July 2019, has never reopened, and the owner has subsequently filed for bankruptcy, and 2) several diesel refineries, Phillips 66 being among them, are in the process of converting their diesel refining capacity into bio-diesel plants that are not yet up and running and which are dependent upon corn and other agricultural products to produce that which is deemed by the lying Powers That Be to be more green friendly. In short, as Mike sums it up, the diesel industry has abandoned much of its refining capacity ahead of having a green or sustainable energy alternative up and running; which is entirely avoidable, and reckless and irresponsible.

This is not evidence of gross managerial incompetence. This is evidence of a satanic and deliberate global conspiracy's plan to bring the American middle class to its knees by depriving us of energy and food supplies so that, under coercion, we will agree to the imposition of their Great Reset New World Order from hell in which we will all become slaves of the globalist billionaire class, in which we will own nothing and be happy, because we will be just grateful to be alive.

Bloomberg is reporting in the last 24 hours, since Mike's podcast from yesterday, that the east coast may be facing rationing of diesel fuel shortly, which comes as no real surprise. It follows from what Mike Adams reported yesterday. Whether diesel shortages will manifest throughout the U.S. this summer, or just be isolated to the U.S. east coast is not yet clear. Prudence argues that until we know for certain otherwise, we should assume that it will be nationwide. Diesel is used to power the trains which deliver fertilizer to farmers and coal to power plants for producing energy to cool homes and businesses in the summer and heat them in the winter. It is also used to power the trucks that deliver food and other commodities to retail stores and online purchases of goods to homes and businesses. Over the last 40 years, American businesses have implemented just-in-time inventories and supply chains that maintain very little in the way of buffer stock inventory. As a result, disruptions to a key component that makes the entire supply chain network work, can have serious and almost immediate impact on our daily lives with very little advance warning. It appears that this is one of those instances.

Make no mistake about it: the globalist satanists are deliberately using this vulnerability to our supply chain infrastructure to further terrorize an already shell-shocked, confounded and confused American populace. This is just one more in a long list of operations they have planned for us this summer to bring us to our knees to beg for their mercy. Our collective response to their terrorist acts ought to be outright rage, fury and defiance at every level! Is there ever a point in which the American people sharpen their pitchforks, light their torches, grab their hanging ropes and track down and lynch every last one of these vile globalist bastards?!? By the end of this summer, we shall have the definitive answer to this important question. This is why the puppets of the deep state in Washington DC are so desperate to provoke a hot (nuclear) war with Russia: to keep our attention off of what they have done and are doing to harm us all and to kill a few billion people as a ritual human blood sacrifice to their god Moloch, or Satan. Welcome to the final days of the end times of Bible prophecy. Nothing could be any more obvious.

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