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2020 Election Fraud is Proven Conclusively!

By now, you've probably heard that Dinesh D'Souza released his latest political documentary film, 2000 Mules, this past Saturday, May 7, 2022. Here is a summary of the film's findings and conclusions: (2000 MULES: Every American Needs To Watch This Damning Exposé (Video), May 10, 2022)

America's political, economic, educational, social and ecclesiastical institutions and leaders are so horribly compromised and corrupt that the 2020 election outcome does not matter. America's system is broken beyond repair. The lies are now so deep and universal, that even FOX News did not dare review D'Souza's latest film, since they too are guilty of profound collusion and criminality along with all other mainstream media outlets.

In every election, Americans are presented with two morally deviant candidates, representing two corrupt political parties, and both of whom have been thoroughly vetted and approved by the Illuminati who rule the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Both candidates passed muster with this body of the global elite conspiracy of Talmudic "jews" and Freemasons because both of them lie well and both of them had one or more embarrassing and compromising indiscretions in their pasts that made them imminently controllable and blackmail-able. But ultimately, the final selection decision is made by the leadership of the CFR between two of their puppets and front men in each selection charade. The 4000 members of the CFR control all major institutions in the United States and they issue their orders to their employees to execute the selection decision of the CFR leadership. The DOJ, FBI, law enforcement and the courts are all in on this scam and all are corrupt as hell. But in the end, it really does not matter, because the same puppet masters control the show whichever marionette they choose to put in front of the naive, gullible and overly trusting American public for the next four years.

Even more strategically, you must understand that nothing, and I mean nothing, that ever happens, happens outside of YHWH's (God's) sovereign will. In other words, God is orchestrating literally everything behind the scenes to fulfill His predestinated plan for all of humanity. The KJV Bible says and means this repeatedly and God is very careful in His choice of words that He inspired the roughly 40 authors of the 66 books of the Bible to write. Predestinated means destined beforehand. It does not just mean foreknew, although this is a lie and a trick that most lying pastors employ with their godless flocks to keep the spiritually dead goats totally in the dark and deceived as to God's full and true powers.

So when we connect the simple dots here, we can see that God deliberately intended for Joe Biden to steal the 2020 selection, just as He intended to use Dinesh D'Souza to produce his documentary film to expose the election crime so simply and succinctly as he has. God has set things up so that this news would emerge right before the primary elections for the 2022 midterm elections are held around the country over the next several weeks. Expect the election and voter fraud this year to be even more brazen and overt than it was in 2020. It is bound to make the 2020 election fraud look like child's play next to this year's circus that is coming. And nothing will happen. No one will do anything about it, once again. Because God is proving just how corrupt, wicked, cowardly and evil all of America's dying institutions and failed leadership are.

The real story here is the depths of deception and self-deceit that most Americans have succumbed to during my lifetime. I was born in 1954. When I was a young man in the late 1970s, honesty and integrity meant something and were important defining characteristics of a good man's character. Today, the notion that any man could be the least bit righteous and good is scoffed at and mocked with derision. And God did it all for His greater purposes. All along, He intended to prove to all of us what abject frauds and self-deceived con men we all are, apart from Him. I'd say He has achieved His objective flawlessly, wouldn't you? America is perishing in its decadence, immorality and wickedness and most Americans remain in total denial of this obvious fact. Nothing I say or write will make a damn bit of difference to this objective reality. To say that I am utterly disgusted with my nation and my fellow Americans is a profound understatement.

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever consider the possibility that I would personally witness the demise of my nation and culture so completely as I am now witnessing. I feel nothing. I am totally numb and without feeling or emotion. How can I feel sad over a dying culture that is so profoundly uncaring, selfish and cruel as ours is? It deserves to die. And how can I feel anger over that which I know is being totally and thoroughly orchestrated by God? At one level, I am profoundly angry at the evil and injustices I see. But my evidencing that justifiable righteous anger to the wicked and the foolish accomplishes less than nothing. They simply do not care. That much is painfully obvious. So I exercise self-restraint and self-control and try to express it in my blog and social media posts. I cannot remain silent over this horror show.

God gave me the heart of a change agent. I was a turnaround Chief Financial Officer for over 20 years for half a dozen smaller high tech companies that were struggling and needed a change in leadership and I was very good at it and loved it, while I was able to do such work. So I am tempted to want to go fix things here too. But the truth is, I know that no one can fix what God is deliberately orchestrating to break. My role has had to change. All I can do is blow the trumpet and sound the warning of the coming calamity upon all of mankind, to teach and explain what's coming and why, and to urge the few who are able, namely God's elect, to confess and repent of their many sins and turn their lives and their wills fully over to the lordship of Yahushua the Messiah while there is still time remaining to do so. It is the calling of a watchman on the wall in these final days of these end times. You have heard and read my many warnings. Now, if it is God's will for you, you have a choice to make in favor of doing that which is right, honest, noble and true. If it is not God's will for you, you are powerless to do anything other than what you have always done: live for yourself. If the latter is true, I feel deep sorrow and pity for you. Because you've never truly lived until you spend your life investing in doing good for others. I know, because that is my story of true joy. I wish it to be yours, as well.

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